Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

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1. On Easter Sunday my husband and I drove to Santa Monica and walked around for a bit (we don't generally do much for the holiday). I want a sailboat. 

2. As I was driving by John Wayne (the airport, not the cowboy) and seeing the planes come in I thought about that feeling I always get when we're about to land- disappointment. Not because I wanted to crash, but because I like the time up in the air. I like being able to read or sleep and to know that I can't do anything about anything back on land. The detachment and helplessness are welcomed breaks from reality.

3. Check out Army Amy's cool idea in this post.

4. Dear people of the world: if we have never talked about my reproductive system before, we're not now. Please don't ask about the state of my cervix. 

5. In Style says overalls are coming back in style. I really hope this is true.

6. I had a funnel cake sundae over the weekend- it was just as bit fantastic as I thought it would be. 

7. Saturday our neighborhood was swarmed with butterflies- it was beautiful. Apparently in a small canyon-type area near our house the Painted Lady variety burst forth from their cocoons and started flying north. As I walked last night I saw several caterpillars that didn't really get the message.

8. Do you ever get annoyed when there's nothing new on Instagram or Facebook? Do you ever get annoyed where there is?

9. I really love it when I get emails from my brother, who is deployed out in the Pacific somewhere. They're fairly consistent, but it's nice to hear from him.

10. Prepping for maternity leave was no joke- I finally finished today. At this point I could have the baby tonight (noooooooooo don't come!) and my sub would have everything he needed for the rest of the year. My room is trashed and I have a ton of grading left, but there would be stuff to keep everyone busy.



  1. Thanks for the shout-out! I wondered if anyone would be interested in the idea, or if I was the only person who thought it was fun.

    Good to hear your brother is safe and sound and being trapped on a ship with a bunch of other dudes hasn't made him lose his marbles. In the fun game of, "what branch would you join" I've always said Air Force, but I do like the Navy uniforms.

  2. Note to self: will try one of those funnel cake sundaes one of these days :) Looks like you had a lovely Easter Sunday at Santa Monica :)

    Best of luck getting through the remainder of the grading!

  3. That funnel cake looks delicious!! I hope the rest of your pregnancy & school year go smoothly!!

  4. Hope you had a good Easter! Santa Monica looks beautiful compared to grey London!

  5. One of my friends once described funnel cake sundae as heaven on a plate.

  6. Still not clear on what funnel cake is... But it looks ample!

  7. So how's your cervix? Did you lose your mucus plug yet? Will you be posting the birth story?

    I don't look cute in overalls. I wish I did. I look like a kid when I wear them - so short...(sigh)

  8. "Dear people of the world: if we have never talked about my reproductive system before, we're not now."

    I am saving this for later use.