Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

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1. Prom is Friday night! Part of me is excited (I get to dress up, see my kids in a different setting, it's a minimum day), part of me is not at all looking forward to driving 45 miles to Orange County, and back, alone on a Friday night. I plan on using the tips from this article.

2. Reading a pastiche of your writing would be downright horrible. Sort of like watching or listening to yourself, but worse.

3. I kinda sorta fell down the stairs on Sunday (like maybe five or six steps). I'm fine, the baby's fine, but holy crap falling with that additional weight is no joke. I don't think I've ever made the sound that came out of my mouth before.

4. I'm really trying to enjoy the time left that I have with my students (hopefully 17 days of work, but two are training days and one is senior ditch day), but all the pressure to have them ready for the IB test on May 5 sort of puts a damper on things. 

5. I hate teenagers that aren't "my own." I was out the other day and overheard a group of them talking and they were so effing annoying. I actually sort of feel that way about random kids I don't know in general. Dogs, not at all. I'll pet anyone's dog.

6. After ordering the Fitbit Force forever ago, and then somehow missing the email that they were discontinuing them, my Flex arrived the other day and I'm obsessed. I'm totally a stats/numbers person, so the fact that I can now monitor my steps, sleep, and calories from one app is just too much. 

7. I started reading The World's Strongest Librarian by Josh Hanagarne the other day and am really enjoying it so far, granted I'm only twenty pages in. His humor, honesty, and love of books have won me over. I haven't gotten to the point were he's been diagnosed with Tourrette's quite yet, but I'm sure that will be fascinating as well.

8. Back in the day I really loved No Doubt (well, Tragic Kingdom, at least). Now, as an adult I can't stand them. I literally shutter when "I'm Just a Girl" comes on the radio. 

9. Let me get political for just a second. Today I saw an article on Facebook from Thought Catalog called "18 Things White People Seem to Not Understand (Because, White Privilege)" and was a little irritated after reading it. In fact, I hate the term "white privilege" in general. Sorry for having two parents that were white? Sorry because, history? Sure, I've never felt prejudice, but I've felt other negative emotions. My life has not been all rainbows and butterflies- my "white privilege" has not created a bubble that I get to reside it.  I get it, there are things I don't understand because I'm not of color, but it's not my fault. Isn't there something slightly hypocritical about demeaning one color (and being condescending) because the other colors have been demeaned? What else should I feel guilty about that I can't control? And in the area of Southern California where I live I am the minority, for the record. I understand that this may not exactly jive with my typical liberal-minded ways, but don't give me shit for something that I can't control.

10. I haven't colored my hair since a week before I got pregnant and am finally letting myself in a week. I may be slightly more excited about that then actually having my baby. Is that bad? My roots are ridiculous. 


  1. #8 omg did I ever listen to them?

    #9 I'm white and went to a grade school where I was the minority. I got picked on for being white. I've been singled out for being white many times and while it doesn't compare to the bigotry that is everywhere these days that shit hurts. White privilege my ass......

  2. #5-spot on!
    Have fun at Prom- I went when I was teaching HS too- lots of fun.

  3. I feel EXACTLY the same about No Doubt...what happened!!?

  4. Fitbit - i love mine too. so fun.

    #9 - I'm SOOOO with you on that, especially the whole hypocritical part...makes no sense.

  5. lol #8, I heard that song a little while ago and was all 'oh wow, was it like this back then?!' isn't it weird how our tastes change so much?

    Also #9. Yes. Some people just don't seem to get it :/

  6. I think is my first time commenting on your blog but I love the Bookish thoughts!

    As for #9, I went to graduate school for counseling and 'white privilege' was a HUGE part of one of my classes. We had to do papers on it, had to pick out our personal gains from white privilege, and even make a list similar to thought catalog (and if I remember correctly, it had to have 100 ways we were privileged.) It went on and on and on. It was very controversial in my South Carolina class and to this day, my friends and I joke about the concept (and our inability to spell the word privilege.) I guess I understand where it could come from but it still seems generalized and discriminatory. It can go the other way as well but that would be racist. Glad someone outside the counseling field has heard of it and was annoyed with it as much as we were!

  7. I used to love No Doubt and that album, too! And now I can't stand anything they come out with.

    #9 - amen!

    I haven't colored my hair in over a year and until I see gray...I keep putting it off.

  8. I was wondering about The World's Strongest Librarian, I'm going to have to check that one out! And wow, I don't think I could go for that long without dying my hair - dern premature grays!

  9. A bit late at getting back to this entry but yikes about #3! Glad you and the baby are okay!

    Glad to hear that you're enjoying The World's Strongest Librarian; I'm not sure if I first heard about the book from you or from another blogger but it sounds interesting...