Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

[from our Saturday morning walk]

Link up and link back! Happy Wednesday everyone!

1. The yearbook is completely in, the baby is sleeping better, and everyone seems germ free (for now). I'll enjoy normal while it lasts!

2. I hate how excited I am for my new vacuum. So adult. So lame.

3. We're having a small birthday party for Sawyer next month and I'm ordering the invites through an Etsy vendor.... that lives in Germany. The language/editing process has been interesting. I don't want to harp on her, but there is not way they're going out without commas in their proper places.

4. Don't judge me, but I ordered a book with Quiet Book patterns to one day, in my copious amounts of free time, make for Sawyer. I figure he won't appreciate it until he's like two, so that will give me a year to make one.

5. I'm currently read We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves by Karen Joy Fowler and am really enjoying the main character's narrative voice and style. Plus, there's a lot of monkey talk, and I love monkeys.

6. I think I need to make these Caramel Krispie Brownies this weekend. It's all part of my master-weight-loss plan: low cal during the week and binge to all-hell on the weekends.

7. Sawyer is weaning himself from the bottle, during the day, which means I now have to, like, pay attention to his nutrition. So annoying. Just drink milk, kid! Now I have to think about vegetable and fruits and making sure he's eating a variety of healthy crap. He's been on solids for a long time, but before it was just for fun. I feel like he's already dropped a pound or two (a lot when you only weight 21 lbs) since crawling, so I guess I'm going to have to take this seriously. All this "being responsible for a human life" nonsense. 

8. Last Saturday Sawyer and I met one of my oldest friends to walk around the park before I spent ALL day on yearbook edits. It was such a nice morning- she's one of those friends that is SO low maintenance it makes me seriously thankful that people like her exist. 

9. I thought of a really great novel idea today- something I'm really excited about. The only problem is that I really only have context in mind, not actual plot.  I always go into these sorts of things thinking that publishing could be an option- maybe not a probable one, but at least one that exists even with a low chance of probability. This one is sort of timely, though, so I feel like it would have to be written in the next three or four years. See note above on "copious amounts of free time."

10. I just saw this add for a Toms sale on Zulilly, which I usually stay away from, since the one time I did order from them I didn't have much luck. I spent fifteen minutes trying to occupy Sawyer and pick some out and then ended up deciding against them. I've always loved Toms, but dare I say, I'm over them? I'll always maintain a pair or two for convenience, but I have a ton of pairs from a warehouse sale I went to a few years ago. I really hate shoes.


  1. I never got into Toms, did the same thing once, picking some out and then deciding against them. I can't seem to live without a pair of black ballet flats though, I'm always wearing them out and then buying more. I have two pairs at the moment that I wear all the time, they're nice enough for work, but easy enough to wear with whatever else too.

  2. Oh, yes, the responsibility for another person...I remember the angst with my firstborn. Not that the others (I had four altogether) were less stressful, but that stress was how to deal with all of them and their various issues.

    But with my firstborn, I had to deal with him being a "picky eater," who would only eat applesauce and fish sticks for a while. He soon got over that...and he is now a grown man, 6'5" tall, so I guess he managed...LOL.

  3. Re: #9 - I get that a lot, lol. Great themes or ideas or context, but then there's thinking of a plot and then my mind goes a litte blank (or awry, depending on the day of the week). It's exciting though, I'm excited for you! =D

  4. It's been a long time since I visited. Are you no longer making this post a meme for all of us to sign up for and look at each other's blog posts?

    1. I still have it in there- do you not see it? I do. I'd try to offer some sort of tech tip, but I've got none. Maybe it will magically come up for you.

  5. I really enjoyed We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves. It was one of my favourite books from last year.