Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

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1. I just heard of the "selfie stick." No.

2. Has anyone used the Furminator? Is it as awesome as people say it is?

3. I just finished Barbara Kingsolver's Flight Behavior for book club and thought it was okay. The pacing was off a bit and I thought there was a general distrust of the reader's intellect at many times. I also hated how eye-rolling obvious some of the character names were.

4. I can always tell when I'm starting to like a group of kids- I stop watching my mouth as much as I normally do. Yesterday I found myself saying the phrase "slutty Jesus" and asking a boy that complained of a stomach ache if we was pregnant. In all honesty, I'm relieved. It was hard bringing on a new bunch after my old one, but many of this batch have grown on me. Hell, I barely remember last year's graduates (--> comment made for the benefit of those that read and slyly try to reference things in conversation. I still love you).

5. I'm trying to "snack with a purpose." It really sucks, but my pants are already feeling better. I've really tried to trade carbs for protein, since Lord knows I get plenty of one and not nearly enough of the other.

6. Last weekend we ordered new patio furniture- finally! We've lived here for three and a half years and have never bothered with anything besides chaise lounges from Target and a dinky table. Now we'll be able to eat outside with guests and feel like adults. 

7. I took Sawyer swimming a week or two ago and he loved it. Because of how our backyard is, and the dog's needing to use their area, having an extra gate around the pool isn't very practical (we have super high locks and alarmed doors, though). I'm thinking of signing Sawyer and I up for -gulp- Mommy and Me swim classes this summer. The idea makes me cringe, but I want him to learn survival skills and to be comfortable putting his head in the water. I guess this means I will have to buy my first adult one piece. 

8. Tomorrow is parent-teacher conferences. Despite the fact that it's a 3.5 hour marathon of sitting a table in the gym talking to 50-60 sets of families, I actually enjoy it to some degree and definitely value it. That being said, tomorrow will be a total logistical nightmare. I'll teach until 12:15, go to the department book club for lunch, pick Sawyer up from daycare, drive home, feed him and get myself ready, and then pass him off to my mother-in-law (who hasn't watched him in a few months- since then he has learned to move around like a crazy boy and isn't the compliant little baby-food-eater that he used to be) so I can drive back to work. I'm tired already. Seriously. 

9. The light at the tunnel: spring break starts Friday at 12:15.

10. Unfortunately, I have to reread Antigone during this time off. At least it's short. 


  1. I love the picture. I need to embrace that mentality. :)

  2. #7. Invest in a speedo. They're sporty and slimming.

  3. Just got back from Disneyworld and those stupid sticks are everywhere! Also- yes to the furminator!!! My chic lab is very sleek and doesn't shed much, but the yellow lab is awful.

  4. lol I love that photo =D

    Ahh, Antigone. I read it for undergrad and enjoyed revisiting it last year. I was thinking the other day how I should perhaps be reading more Greek plays since I'm reading a ton of plays at the moment (just more on the Elizabethan/Jacobean side)...