Mail Call

I've slowed the book-buying down during the last year or so, just because I have so many that are unread! That being said, I did order a few:

1. Clink by Kelly Dipucchio- I plan on using this as a sort of guest book for the small birthday party we're having for Sawyer next month.

2. Pioneer Girl by Laura Ingalls Wilder- I ordered this a few months ago but because of all the issues the small publishing house had with the popularity, I just got it now. It looks pretty intense!

3. & 4. Ulysses by James Joyce and  Ulysses Annotated- More on these beasts later.

5. Yes, Chef by Marcus Samuelsson-  I ordered this on a whim after reading Sous Chef by Michael Gibney when I ordered Harper Lee's newest so that I could get free shipping (the day sales opened up). Randomly, they included it in this order.

What should I buy next?  

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  1. I really liked Yes, Chef -- I should check out Sous Chef one of these days.