Sixty Things to Do in Ten Minutes or Less

So last week, when I was feeling overwhelmed and tired and like everything was going to shit, I sat down and made a list of things I can do to feel productive in ten minutes. Ten minutes, most of the time, is pretty easy to come by on an afternoon or early evening (sometimes more than once). For me that might mean when Sawyer is happily playing alone, when he's content in his highchair stuffing his face with Cheerios, or when my husband is home and they're spending some time together. I realized that doing a few small tasks during the day like that made me feel a ton better, as opposed to just wasting that time. The list grew and grew and grew and I decided that I might as well stick it up here just in case someone else can benefit or add to it. Rest assured, this is not going to become a Lifestyle/DYI/Martha Stewart-esque sort of blog. Please.

(I apologize if the formatting is weird; I copy and pasted from a word doc)

1.     Empty wastebaskets
2.     Toss five things from fridge, freezer, or pantry
3.     Fold a load of laundry
4.     Unload the dishwasher
5.     Unsubscribe from a few emails
6.     Use granite wipes on counters, stainless steel wipes on appliances
7.     Take an armload of things from downstairs and take upstairs (and put said things away)
8.     Scrub the three toilets
9.     Sort mail into file/toss bins
10.  Fold plastic bags (see link)
11.  Spot clean carpet in one room
12.  Clean out purse/work bag/diaper bag
13.  Delete pictures or unused apps from phone or tablet
14.  Drop off bag of junk at Goodwill
15.  Clean out one drawer of clothing
16.  Replace dead light bulbs
17.  Clean corners with duster (or whatever its called)
18.  Vacuum the stairs
19.  Hand wash a few items that need it
20.  Throw away expired medicines
21.  Straighten up a closet
22.  Throw away old makeup
23.  Wash baby bottles
24.  Read a book or two to the baby
25.  Buy stamps to keep on hand
26.  Play fetch with the dogs out back
27.  Plan meals for the next week
28.  Brush dogs
29.  Play a round or two of Mario Kart with husband
30.  Prep healthy snacks (hard boil eggs, chop some fruit, etc…)
31.  Write a quick card to an older relative
32.  Sit down and play with baby, totally uninterrupted
33.  Pay a bill
34.  Order a gift for someone’s upcoming birthday
35.  Pick up/drop off dry cleaning
36.  Get gas (and clean out any trash laying around in car)
37.  Skim family budget and accounts to verify everything is where it should be
38.  Accessorize (seriously- who doesn't feel better with some jewelry on?)
39.  Slap a coat of clean nail polish on pedicure
40.  Read and comment on a blog or two
41.  Schedule  an appointment that in the future, but not too far away
42.  Floss
43.  Planks
44.  Walk around the block
45.  Text an old friend hello to see how he/she is
46.  Make the next day’s lunch
47.  Drink a glass of water
48.  Skim news headlines and read an article of two
49.  Prep the next day’s clothes, items to take to work, etc…
50.  Sun salutations
51.  Make a $10 donation to a charity
52.  Read a few pages
53.  Make plans with a friend (or husband)
54.  Download a few podcasts or an audiobook for the commute
55.  Write in journal
56.  Back up phone or computer
Work (while at home)
57.  Grade three essays
58.  Reply to emails
59.  Review upcoming lesson plans
60.  Plan essay topics


  1. This list is brilliant. Doesn't it feel good to get things done?

  2. I think this is a great idea. Thanks for sharing! I think I'm going to make a list like this. I'm probably not nearly as busy as you but I think it will be nice for me when I feel restless or do find some time and want to be productive.

  3. I really like these, because sometimes I just sit around and feel miserable because there "is no time", and sometimes all you need to do to get out of that slump is get up and DO something. Thanks!