Reading Log- A Week of Keeping Track

There's a lot of things I have been doing very little of this summer, that I thought I'd actually be doing more of, like drinking wine (my child's sleep is too erratic), swimming (the weather has been fairly mild, for this area, and cloudy), and cleaning (wahhhh I don't want to!). Then there are things that I've been doing more of than I thought, though, like socializing, cooking/baking (usually the heat minimizes oven use), and reading. I thought it would be fun to keep track of my reading habits for a week to see how I'm doing and then repeat the process once work starts. 

Before I go any further, I invite you to do the same! I think it would be fascinating to see how everyone finds the time to plow through their TBR pile. Let me know so I a can be nosy. 

For those that are new followers, or found this blog because Google failed them in some way, I'm a high school English teacher on summer vacation, mother of a very active fourteen-month-old, a wife to a low-maintenance husband, and lover of to-do lists ("read ten books" is an item on my summer list). I also don't really watch much TV (we don't have satellite), which frees up a lot of time. We are currently working our way through Newsroom (love, love, love!), so we maybe watch two or three episodes a week at night after Sawyer is in bed, and maybe two or so movies a month.   

Here's my log:

["nap time" is when Sawyer sleeps... not me]

[Yes, I leave my child so I can go read at Starbucks]

First of all, this is the beauty of summer vacation; when I'm back to work full time in two weeks things will drop off drastically.

Secondly, I feel good about the time I read in front of my son- it's always while he's independently playing, right in front of me. He's obsessed with the tupperware cupboards lately, so I sit in the kitchen with him while he's destructive. I always stop within a minute or two if he comes to see me and if he indicates he'd like to play ball, be read to, etc... He also goes to daycare twice a week for a few hours, which is good for him socially and to stay familiar with the care-giver, so I'm able to read during that block too. I've been reading two books at a time lately, something I've never done before, so that I have something less challenging while I'm hanging out with him. I like that he sees me read- I know I'm setting a good example. 

And last of all, I think that this proves that if something is a priority or passion, you can fit it in (as long as it's reasonable, that is). I try to do things, like folding laundry, when Sawyer is up or my husband is around. I make sure we're busy and having fun outside of the house, but I've tried to not double-book us or over-extend our days. My husband and I spend time together in the evening, but he has his own hobbies too, so we tend to sort of split the difference. If only cleaning organizing were something I was as devoted to (not that my house is a dirty disaster, I just need to do some of those boring, not fun projects we all have).

Let me know if you log your time, too (no you don't need your parent to sign off), or if you know how much time you read a day. It's always interesting to see how people fit it in. 


  1. I've started keeping track of what I'm reading too and I notice I'm getting so much more read! It's definitely a positive change! I used to read all the time and I got away from it for a few years but it's so nice to be back! :)

  2. I really should have a reading log, I think it would motivate me to read more. Even though it's the holidays I haven't been reading nearly as much as I wanted. I also have a three week summer job coming up in about ten days so my reading is going to plummet then. And then there's the internet. And music. So basically I'm saying fair play on organising your reading so well. Also *obligatory-how-do-you-survive-without-TV* comment.

  3. That's really interesting, I only ever record my time though when there is the yearly local reading competition on though. Watching no/little tv would help to, our family is the same (our cord to connect it to the aerial broke, not that anyone minded or got one that did work)

  4. I really enjoyed this post. I'm nosy too. I like to know how other mom's spend their day, especially when they aren't at work (like you, right now). I think it's great that you read in front of Sawyer. I try to do that with Sully too, but lately he's a little too clingy and it doesn't always work. Sometimes I read whatever book I'm reading out loud to him so then he's a little bit more entertained and not so "ignored". I also do the same with working out - I rarely workout if he's napping - I think it's important that he learns fitness is something I do and something that is part of my life (and will one day be part of his). How else can kids learn if they don't see us setting examples, right?

    Ok, now I want you to do a day in the life post! Haha. When in your day do you blog? And when do you sneak in a bit of cleaning? Yup, super nosey!

    And lastly, are you keeping track of your reading on your phone? (Like in notes?)