Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

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1. There are painters outside right now prepping for the painting this weekend and while I'm excited for a fresh coat, I find the whole thing inconvenient and am worried that they will screw up the color and I'll have the HOA on my back. Or just that something else will go wrong, in general, because when it comes to home ownership something always does (am I right or am I right?).

2. The other day for a brief moment I entertained the idea of trying to get pregnant again, for whatever reason. Literally two minutes later I saw a baby shower for a an old friend's sister and notice that she's expecting twins. And we're over that now. 

3. So my bum hip has gotten exponentially more painful lately (I have extreme pain after standing until I walk a few yards... sometimes more). I bailed on the MRI I scheduled two months ago because of my claustrophobia, but decided that I need to get to the bottom of this, so I scheduled one for next week on the open MRI machine. I also finally went against one of my biggest internet rules and spent some time googling my symptoms. The verdict? I fit basically all the symptoms for hip impingement, which basically means that my joint is royally effed up and while PT might help, surgery is the only real way to take care of it and ensure no further damage. Obviously I am getting ahead of myself, but I just want to figure this shit out and get the ball rolling (yes, I regret waiting, thanks). 

4. Book club tomorrow! Yay! We are discussing a book I didn't care for, but it's still a treat to sit around with smart people and talk about a common read. Plus it's at the Cheesecake Factory, which is nice little occasional guilty pleasure.

5. For reasons we shall not get into publicly on the internet, May has sucked very much (for reasons other than the hip) and I have been having to work really hard at not succumbing to a full-blown funk. Today, though, I went to lunch with a group of people from work and had so much fun I laughed to the point where I had to use my inhaler in the car (yes, sadly, laughing can trigger asthma flare ups). It just goes to show how important relationships and friends are. I try to meet up with friends every week or two, but I think I need it more right now. Friends and exercise are my therapy.

6. Maybe I will take the Goodreads plunge this summer. I was on it a million years ago and I get email updates from people still and I feel left out. It also still has me reading a Carlos Ruiz Zafon book, so, basically, it looks like I read 1/4 a page a day. 

7. Two more work days. One more student day. 


  1. Book club at the Cheesecake Factory sounds completely awesome. I haven't been there in so long, but really love their chocolate cheesecake - so good.

    Laughing so hard your asthma flares up sounds both excellent and a little scary!

    Not that you're taking votes, but I vote YES for Goodreads! I go a little overboard with it and track everything including picture books. But I so love having that reading record. And I stink at any other kind of tracking method, so Goodreads it is for me :)

  2. Bookclub at Cheesecake Factory? That sounds like the best idea ever.

    I also vote yes for Goodreads! I do still use my trusted excel document, but I really like GR both for tracking books I read, getting book recommendations and participating in book discussions.

  3. I love how stream of consciousness this is. Rock on!

  4. I can totally relate to not wanting that MRI...I think I mentioned that they gave me Valium to help deal with the claustrophobia. But that was years ago, and probably not the thing that is done these days. LOL.

    That Book Club at Cheesecake Factory sounds like fun.

  5. Like everyone else has said, Book Club at the Cheesecake Factory sounds like lots of fun. Out of curiosity, what was the book that you didn't care for? I hope that Jun turns out to be a better month for you than May was.

  6. I also have/had the pain more from standing than anything else and turned out to be the SI Joint - cause: old age. Seriously! Ugh! I have since had 2 steroid injections which have calmed it down, but we'll see how I'm doing when I go for my follow up in 2 weeks. I don't think I can get steroid injections into my back forever, not to mention is was more than UNcomfortable...and no anesthesia!

    And yes, do Goodreads! I really love it, even if most of my friends on there don't have the same reading interests as I do...a few do though. Still enjoyable. Plus they do giveaways! Yay!