Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

Happy Wednesday, friends! Feel free to link back in the comments below.

I still have a lingering cough from the flu and I cannot wait until I am back at 100%. I swear, I think having one of those brutal one or two day stomach viruses is the way to go- you feel like death but are back at it within a few days.

Two weeks ago, yes, while I was sick, my husband was out of town and I became manically determined to redo our bannister. I found some tutorials and went for it- I sanded down the yellow oak, stained it a dark espresso, sealed it with polyurethane, and then gave the dingy off-white sections a fresh coat of bright white paint. I really thought I was going to mess it up, but it actually went really well and I love it.

My assigning-to-grating ratio is incredibly off, and not in my favor. If I stop and let myself truly think about the hole I am in I might have a nervous breakdown, but instead I’m just trying to look at it in tiny stacks and keep plugging along.

In a few days Sawyer and I will be on our way to Yosemite for our annual trip. I cannot wait! The weather is supposed to be perfect and my mom will be meeting us for one of the days.

Has anyone ever gotten their passport back before their birth certificate? Sawyer’s passport came in two weeks, which was really fast, but I still haven’t gotten his birth certificate back yet! So annoying.

I’m super excited about our summer plans to visit Banff, but I’m really wanting to go somewhere tropical right now. Maybe next summer? That kind of trip is a little harder to fathom with Sawyer, since my ideal situation would be lounging on a beach or by a pool with a book, which I don’t think I could get him to commit more than about ten minutes to. I’m toying around with maybe taking my mom or one of my sisters to one of the more family-friendly all-inclusive resorts in Jamaica or somewhere like that in 2019, so that I could have a few hours here and there to myself (good deal, right? I pay for a trip in exchange for a few hours of childcare). My husband’s work schedule isn’t super flexible, so it’s hard for him to commit to trips (for all of you who are wondering why I travel solo).  For now I’ll just be thankful for my travel opportunities this year!


  1. I love Yosemite, but haven't been in years...and I'm not that far away from it.

    Enjoy your trip. Here are MY BOOKISH/NOT SO BOOKISH THOUGHTS

  2. I dream of being able to pop down to Jamaica... but I guess the Aussie equivalent is popping over to Bali (which is cheap and close for us).

    It's been a while since I've done a Bookish post. Here's mine:

  3. Hope you have a great trip and back in tip-top shape soon.