March Intentions

It's March! The month that comes after February! The one that's before April. 

I hate being the type of person that goes on and on about time flying, but it really has so far this year. I'll take it- that means we're close and closer to summer vacation.

For those newer around here, every month I check in, setting some intentions for the upcoming month and evaluating the previous month's progress. Public accountability is good for me.

February Goals:

1. Stick to my "new" budget: Yup! We got our tax return back, so that sort inflated my accounts, but nonetheless, I am pleased with my savings and spendings this month.

2. Diversify exercise: Yes! I definitely did more than regular running, but I still have a long way to go to really be wear I want to be fitness wise.

3. Spend two hours working on my writing ideas: Nope! I clocked ten minutes. Ridiculous and in need of a retry.

4. Sell or get rid of baby things: Yes! I have started selling things on Facebook Marketplace, which was much more successful than Craig's List. I think I'm actually getting rid of my stroller/car seat combo this afternoon, for a steal, but I am glad to get these things out of my house. 

March Goals:

1. Book some travel accommodations: I need to finish up booking some flights and hotels. 

2. Less phone in bed: It's unreasonable to say none, but I need to stop falling in the rut of checking on things as I'm heading to sleep.

3. Schedule blog posts on the weekend: I have so many posts in my mind, but it's hard to get them hammered out during the week.

4. Get a new phone: This has turned into a dramatic, indecisive, over-dramatic situation and I need to take care of business asap.

5. Breathe: 2018 has been busy and great so far and April is looking like it is as well. I need to try to slow down a little more this month and just get on top of things at work and home that are piling up.  


  1. I need to work on the phone in bed thing too — there’s something about clearing/checking everything before bed that makes me feel organized, but I know it’s really not the best idea!

  2. Great goals. No phone in bed is impossible for me too. I try to schedule my blog posts on Tuesdays because that seems less busy than my weekends.

    Are you no longer posting Bookish (and not so bookish) Thoughts? I hope to see it come back. I enjoy it.