Seattle Recap

[MoPop Museum]

Last weekend my friend and I went to Seattle for an IB training for work. We had three days of training, but we also were able to get out and about some, too. We went to the Museum of Pop Culture, saw the Space Needle, dealt with snow, hit up some of her old favorite restaurants (she's from the area), walked around the Amazon Spheres, walked to Pike's Place Market, and spent some QT in our own hotel rooms hanging out. I also have some good friends from Southern California that relocated to the city a few years ago, so we went out do dinner one night and caught up. It was a great trip! I cannot wait to go back with Sawyer and Scott (if he can make it) sometime time in the next year. The flight is so easy and quick it's definitely something we could do for a long weekend. 

Here are some pictures:





[Space Needle in some flurries]

[gum wall]

[sunshine over the Puget Sound]

[our hotel was right down the street!]

[The Amazon Spheres]

[Loved it. No shame]

[Donuts and reading in bed]

[Ate at Biscuit Bitch on our way out of town]

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