Too Lazy

I'm allowing myself some temporary laziness- it's summer, right? Luckily, laziness for me generally fades within a few days of starting a vacation, so I'm not too concerned.

In the meantime, enjoy the fruits of someone else's labor:

Flavorwire's Top 10 Notorious Literary Spats- Let's face it, writers can have some massive egos. My favorite is either Jennifer Weiner vs. Jennifer Egan (quantity vs. quality) or Stephen King vs. James Patterson ("No I want to write the most books this month!" "No I want to write the most books this month!").

Robert Dawson Photography's American Public Library Project- In a way this makes me hate ebooks even more- libraries are have such history and cultural relevance. Let them evolve, but don't replace the physicality of the printed word. Dawson's photographs are amazing- check out the rest of his site as well.

The Moby Awards- There's an award for everything, why not book trailers? The site seems to be evolving, but it's still interesting. As a Gary Shteyngart groupie I'm obligated to say that both he and James Franco, who is in his trailer, picked up a few.

a LEGO a day: I could BS my way around and find some contrived way to relate this to books, but I don't feel like it. This guy takes a LEGO picture a day (often Star Wars related) and posts them. I simply love LEGOS- the possibilities are effing endless. I wonder if I could get him to build a book for me (booyah, a literary connection right there)...

May the force be with you. And by force I mean the power of the novel. If Yoda had written a book I'm fairly confident this world would be a better place.

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  1. I love that you love LEGOS! I put together Jacob's all the time...OK they are mine and I say that they are Jacob's. A perk of having a 5 year old boy.