If There is a God....

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To the matter at hand. If there is a god, I'm pretty sure he's like Dumbledore from Harry Potter. You'll have to forgive me; I'm not an extreme Potter fan, but I'm in the middle of the last book, playing the silly Lego game, and eagerly awaiting the big Pottermore reveal, so the boy with the lightning tattoo is on the brain.

I guess I'd have to say that I'm agnostic, when it comes down to pinpointing my religious inclinations (I know, the idea of an agnostic pinning anything down is a bit contradictory). I was baptized Catholic, attended what Wikipedia deems a Protestant church through about fourth grade, and then my family quit going to attending all together (not really sure why, maybe the fact my mom had four kids and my dad worked nights). I didn't really give religion much of a thought for a long time, nor do I necessarily now. I believe in science, and I believe in the possibility that there is a God, or some sort of supreme spiritual being. I don't take the seven days of creation literally, and I have mixed feelings on the possibility of heaven and hell (unless I'm telling you that's where you need to go- in that case may you burn in the fires of Hades for eternity). Oh, and I also believe that God is Dumbledore. I mean, like Dumbledore.

To the conservative Christians out there that are already adding me to their prayer list, hold up. First of all, my God (I think we all have different interpretations of God; to some she is a woman; to some he is a seven-foot-tall Middle Eastern dude with flowing hair) is serious, but has a good sense of humor and is flexible, just like Dumbledore. My God is forgiving and trusting, which is what was what got the Big D in trouble with Snape. My God sticks up for what is right and for the little guy, as does the Headmaster. My God died for his cause (I guess, anyway, if we're going with tradition), as did Dumbledore. I haven't finished book seven, so who knows, he may come back (fingers crossed, fingers crossed).

J.K. Rowling, you stole from the Bible, you thieving bitch! If I had actually read the Bible I may be able to make other references in regards to the events and other characters, but we all know that that's one text that I haven't explored (honestly, I'm not sure if I ever will- I think you can believe in God without reading the Bible, and I think that sometimes things done purely out of obligation tend to be nullified... like going to church). But I can say, during the moments I do choose to pray, it will be to a God that has a long beard, flowing robes, and floppy hat. Would it be going too far to say that he apparates and has a wand?


  1. Love this post!

    This is kind of random, but there is a funny store about Dumbledore in this post: http://craftyenglishteacher.blogspot.com/2011/05/its-been-awhile-friends.html

    I am also curious about what this Pottermore stuff is all about. And I am wanting to win your contest ever so badly!

  2. I love this! Dumbledore is God.

  3. Love it. LOVE it. I DO believe in God and I still think it's awesome.