Top Ten Tuesday- Once, Daily

I always forgot about The Broke and the Bookish's Top Ten Tuesday until after I write my own post for the day... anyway, I thought this topic might be a challenge, so here goes it: top ten books that can be read in a day. I rarely do this, given the length and complexity of the books I tend to read, but there have been a few (pardon the snobbishness). Let's say you can read 40 pages an hour; if the average book on here is about 300 pages, that means you can finish the book in about 7.5 hours- way less than a full day. Any of these would make great "beach" reads (I hate that term), or ones that would be easy to pay attention to while at an appointment, in an airport, or during lunch breaks.

1. Ella Minnow Pea- Mark Dunn: Islanders lose letters from their alphabet (208 pages)

2. Bridget Jones' Diary- Helen Fielding: British single gal writes diary entries about dating, weight loss and all that fun mid-twenties stuff back before we shared way too much through blogs. The original Chic Lit (288 pages)

3. Fahrenheit 451- Ray Bradbury: Great science fiction book that looks into the "future" at what happens when people stop reading (178 pages)

4. Room- Emma Donoghue: Woman gets abducted, has baby in shed, lives there for a few years, decides to escape. Definitely not literary, but interesting narrative voice (336 pages; don't let this deceive you, it's a super quick one)

5. On Chesil Beach- Ian McEwan: Newlyweds must come to terms with what marriage really means on their honeymoon (224 pages)

6. Beat the Reaper- Josh Bazell: Mobster turns doctor gets in some trouble- humorous and a bit gory at times (336 pages)

7. Shopgirl- Steven Martin: Older man falls for the girl who works at the department store (144 pages)

8. Into Thin Air- Jon Krakauer: Climbing Everest- you'll never want to put it down (416 pages, but seriously will keep you interested from beginning to end)

9. Election- Tom Perrotta: Snooty little teenager runs for class president and the teacher there through it all... (208 pages)

10. Going to See the Elephant- Rodes Fishburne: I'll never get sick of touting this magical realism book set in San Francisco about a man who tries to control the weather (304 pages)


  1. Hi there, just popping in... Oh some great books here for me to add to my TBR pile, thanks. 'Room' sounds horrible and I don't mean that the book would be bad.

    I’m also your newest follower!

    :) Here is my choice...

    Top Ten Tuesday

  2. Oooo I got 'Room' from a second-hand shop the other day...totally forgot about it until now! It looks intriguing- if you think it's a really quick read I might start it...I need a quick easy book right now after just finishing a 600 page slow read!

    New follower :-)

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  3. Love Bridget Jones and Room - both definitely the sort you can rip through in a day.

  4. Into thin air is excellent!
    Room is on my TBR,and so too is Fahrenheit.
    My TTT

  5. I love Bridget Jones!! What a great read!!

  6. Once I started reading Room, I could NOT put it down. It reminded me of the Jaycee Duggard story.

  7. Beat the Reaper has a sequel - Wild Thing. I can't wait to read it!

  8. Shopgirl is on my giant TBR pile. Fantastic list!
    Here's my Top Ten. Would love for you to stop by.

  9. Into Thin Air was fascinating! I listened to it on a car trip and loved it. On Chesil Beach is one that I started on a car trip and didn't finish, but I think I will. It is lovely, but was a little sad for me at the moment.

  10. I am embarrassed to admit that I haven't read any of them. BAH. You've just increased my TBR list.
    oh, and I also hate the term "beach read".....and I actually found myself saying it the other day! I blame the baby brain.