Pulitzers, Frogs, Festivals, Rowling, Readings, and Students

A few book-related thoughts:

The Pulitzer Surprise
Yesterday I was pleased to notice that I would be at lunch when the Pulitzer site was to announce their winners, so I happily ate my string cheese and Wheat Thins and refreshed the screen every thirty seconds. And then... nothing. The committee decided nothing was Pulitzer-worthy this year. This hasn't happened in over thirty years and the literary community exhibited very mixed reactions. Personally, I don't think it's the end of the world- I have other books to read. On the other hand, I think the accusation that nothing published this year was worthy is a bit harsh. From what I have read, the panel only has one author on it anyway. And, let's be positive- at least Fifty Shades of Gray didn't win. I hear the Pulitzer for best blog post title goes to this one (it was either that or "stuff").

I really want to go to the Calaveras Fair and Jumping Frog Jubilee held next month in Angel's Camp (about 7 hours from where I live, or about an hour and a half from where I'm from). Maybe it's all the Huck Finn talk in AP Lang or the need for something a little rustic and slimy in my life, but I seriously would like to go. I like frogs, what can I say. And I really like events that are based on books.

The LA Times Festival of Books
While I'm still bitter that the event organizers moved the Festival to USC, I am quite excited to attend on Saturday. I am, however, a little pissed that my poster that came with the panel pass hasn't come yet. Anyway, the weather will be nice, I have tickets for three authors, and I managed to find a friend to bring. I will definitely be wearing a UCLA shirt, though. 

Another Reading
I'm also excited that I have another reading to attend on the books- this time graphic novelist Craig Thompson. I haven't read anything by him, but my husband is a fan and I love events at the Skirball Center, so I was of course game to go with him (oh, and it's free). Who knows, maybe I'll have to give Blankets or Habibi a go before May 10.

So, details emerged on the new, for adults, J.K. Rowling book this week. Called The Casual Vacancy, the novel depicts the citizens of Pagford, a small town full of people at odds. A seat on the town's council is opened after a death and an tumultuous election ensures. Like I said before, I have no true expectations; I am very curious to see if she can break out of her niche. I don't want her to fail, nor do I want her to succeed based on her Harry Potter success. I'm sure I'll buy it, since I am a fan (just not a crazy one) of her previous work; I just don't have her up on the pedestal that others do.

Students and the Blog
I was talking to a friend the other day about what would happen if my students found my blog and connected it to me. I don't believe any of them have access right now, and frankly, I'd like to keep it that way. Yet, I do know colleagues and even some district administrators that happen to occasionally read (I post updates on FB), so I know that there's always a slim chance it could somehow happen. I really don't think many would be interested, given the subject matter, but for the ones that actually read I don't think they'd be too shocked. I teach with the same tone (just with a tad less sarcasm and four-letter words) and it's no secret I'm opinionated. I guess that leads me to the debate about what teachers should be held accountable for in their private lives- another day, another time.
More things you get to know about my life because I'm stalling/And a few non-book related thoughts:

- I've given up most sugar again. It's awful, yet effective.   
- We're in middle of state-testing at school and since I have a first period prep I get to walk teenagers to the bathroom for three hours each morning. Parents, a lesson: don't let your kids consume liquids before school. Seriously. A little dehydration never hurt anyone.
- We won the lottery! The Half Dome lottery at Yosemite, anyway. I'm going with a few friends and couldn't be anymore excited for July.
- I've decided Chomsky is going to start running with me. Tonight. There's a 99% chance one of us will be dragged home in tears, and it's not going to be him...

I've sufficiently procrastinated enough. There is shit that needs to be done. 

Photo Credit: Blankets via author's website; Jumping Frogs via Calaveras County Fair & Jumping Frog Jubilee


  1. Running with the pooch! Fun! *

  2. I am excited about J.K Rowling's new book. I think I will have to pre-order that one on Amazon.