I currently have 49 unread books. 

This adds up to 18,936 pages.*

There are 256 days left in 2012.

To finish them all, and not buy more, this would require 74 pages a day.**

I got this shit.***

If we're reading in the same room it still counts as hanging out.

*Please don't ask me how I arrived at this figure, or when. I guarantee its accuracy.
**I may or may not have requested two books through Amazon Vine after calculating. 
***I really don't. But I could if I wanted to.


  1. That'd be a lot of reading! I have a big stack of books that I'm waiting to read right now, too and still more that I want to buy.*

  2. So is this what you were doing during testing? Math?

    I'm back to blogging! Hopefully. Need to catch up on your sarcasm. Preferably in person.

    1. I'm SO glad you're back. And yes, in person, anytime!

  3. I wish I only had 49 unread books!! I have boxes and keep getting more...I'm obsessed. And I just found out that the county library book sale is tomorrow. I'm in deep stuff. I have read 25 books this year, though, so I'm trying to keep up! Good luck!!

  4. Ouch. I have something in the 30s. I keep losing track because I keep accidentally buying more books. Oops. I have to hide them now so I don't have evidence. I'm like a closet alchy except with books. I did the math, and if I quit my job, I GOT THIS*. Good luck!

    * Not recommended if I want to keep buying more books. damnitttt.