Gimme Gimme Gimme

I want some stuff (you know, besides a cure for AIDS, cleaner air, the end of hunger, and total world domination):

1. BookBook iPhone Case: That bartender at happy hour is awesome to begin with (confession: I'm sort of proud that he "knows" us now), but when he showed me his BookBook case he moved up a notch:

source; phone inside w/ credit card slots

2. Scrabble Coasters: While we have a fairly strict no food or drink policy over the carpet rule in our house (and do not tell me it will be different when we have kids; the only thing that ever ends up getting allowed over the carpet is alcohol, and I do not plan on giving my children booze), I still really love these coasters from ModCloth:


3. A bookshelf necklace: These handmade necklaces from Coryographies' Etsy shop are fantastic: 


 4. "Write" Necklace: I actually really like the one that says "crap" too, but this one is a bit more relevant.  Piano Bench Designs makes many others with other various words:


5. Robot Bookends: I saw these while browsing for things I can't need or afford at Pottery Barn (you know, so that I can go buy knock offs at Target):

6. A Skee-Ball Machine: I love, love, love, love Skee-Ball and had sort of forgotten about how fun it is until some of the characters in a novel I was reading were playing. Would our future kids care if they had to share a room if they had their very own Skee-Ball Machine? I think not.

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Have a lovely weekend. I know I will (unless something happens and I don't...)!