Something I Miss

I don't miss much about teaching elementary aged kids- get me the heck away from the vomit, tears, and lice, thankyouverymuch. But, once in awhile I do get a little nostalgic. It was easier in terms of the work load and the kids can occasionally be cute, but, most of all, I miss reading aloud cute Christmas books to them. I have a ton- I used to read a book a day after lunch for two weeks or so leading up to break. My favorites: 

[I always did a memorization contest with this; I may still remember the whole thing!]
[I have a Grinchy heart]

[Fine, not Christmas-y but wintery for sure]

[Didn't read this to my students, but it was a favorite from childhood]
[Me too. I wish I was a Christmas tree...]

Don't kill me, but I think the Polar Express is boring.


  1. I love kids' books! Since I worked with middle schoolers, I could still occasionally read to them. (They loved the nostalgia of sitting on the floor! Plus, children's books make it easy to teach new concepts because the content is simple.) Scaredy Squirrel is my fave! It's not a Christmas book, but it's an excellent book nonetheless!*

  2. I love reading to classes! We ready The Grinch a couple weeks ago. They loved it almost as much as me!