High Five for Friday

It's that time again! I get to yammer on and on about the five coolest parts of my week.

Clockwise from the top right:
1. Three of my good friends and I went to an event called The Pageant of the Masters on Saturday in Laguna. It was pretty neat! If you've watched the Gilmore Girls or Arrested Development episodes with the same concept you probably get the gist. If not, what happens is famous pieces of art are recreated and actual people are subbed in for the painted ones. There's a voice over telling a story and they change every few minutes. The theater is outside and there are tons of local artists with their work in the area outside the stage. It was definitely worth the expense and drive. 

2. I made the famous cornflake Momofuku Milk Bar cookies and still haven't decided if I like them. The texture is interesting and they're super flat. But there's something in the flavor that keeps me coming back for more. Still not sure.

3. I got in two bike rides last week, twenty miles with my grandpa and 23 with my brother. This morning I plan on doing five or ten alone and then meeting up with my grandpa for twenty more. This bridge above is a mile or two south of Yorba Regional Park on the Santa Ana River Trail.

4. I made pasta this week from scratch and it was the best batch I've ever done. The trick is in the kneading. 

5. I've been so lucky to see so many friends this week- something like 7 of them! During the school year it's so hard to grab lunch or go shopping, so I'm taking advantage of it while I can.

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  1. Ooh art thing sounds so cool! I definitely remember it from Arrested Development, ha.

    Yay for Momofuku cookies! The texture certainly is interesting. It sounds like you had a great week. Hope you had a great weekend too!