From the Interwebs- Advice, Travel, Celebrity Deaths, and Pizza


1. Check out this post from What's Gaby Cooking on her trip to Alaska. I did some Googling and found out her expedition was incredibly expensive, but it looks completely worth it.

2. I love my friends and family members with kids, but this article, "5 Things Parents Need to Stop Saying to Non-Parents" in the Huffington Post is so great. I mean so, so, so great. I really hate it when people assume that my husband and I will instantly become different people when we become parents. Our lives will change when that time comes, but you know what? We don't eat over our carpet, and neither will our kids. Neither of us will have to abandon our hobbies. I will not subject myself to hours of animated animals singing. And I will never go to Disneyland more than once a year (or even less). Done. Boom. Drop mic. Walk away. The end.

3. I loved this list of fifteen favorite places in the world. Some are typical, but some are places I never really thought about traveling to before (Berline, for example).

4. This Hello Giggles article isn't exactly the best, but it did make me think about why people care so much about celebrity deaths. Take that guy from Glee- I feel badly for his parents and loved ones, and it's always tragic when someone feels so horribly about life they turn to drugs, but I'm really not affected. I know it sounds crass, but I can't muster up more than a "that's too bad."

5. I loved this story about the little girl with cancer who ends up having a pizza party. Pretty impressed that she was able to eat three pieces! And that SoCal people were nice enough to notice and send food.


  1. I can vouch for the fact that Berlin is totally worth visiting. When I went in 2011, we were there for almost a week, which is the most of almost any place I've visited. It's beautiful, there's culture, there's the party-scene (which I opted not to partake in), there's compelling history spanning centuries, and the food is excellent. (Best falafel I ever ate was in Berlin.)

    I always feel bad when I compare Geronimo to someone's child and I try to really down play it. "I know it's not the same thing at all, but..." The author nailed it - it's a way to be apart of the conversation and meet those "with child" where they are. My dog is all I have to bring to the table.

  2. I love the list of five things to stop saying to non-parents. I am a parent (two small children), but I still never utter those things. You are whatever kind of parent you set out to be. I am one who is grossed out by sticky hands and I get upset when they smear whatever it happens to be on me. I generally prefer not talking about my kids, because if I happen to be out without them I am usually trying to enjoy my kid free time.

    Also, I'm only vaguely aware of who Dora the Explorer is and I'm thankful for that. My kids don't watch TV, but I do allow them to watch youtube clips of old cartoons (I'm partial to the one's I loved as a child, of course).

    The only feeling I can muster about preventable celebrity deaths is "that's too bad, what a waste".

  3. I wanted to hi-five that Huff Post non-parent article. So props for sharing. I choose not to have children, but that doesn't mean I lead a less fulfilling life!

    And I can't believe I've turned into enough of an early Cold War history buff that I would love to visit Berlin, especially Checkpoint Charlie...