Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

1. This:

[we love our country, we just hate paying the taxes to maintain it]

2. I'm still so saddened by the death of the aerialist from the Cirque du Soleil show Ka. My husband and I saw it a few years ago in Vegas and while it may not be my favorite, the performers' talent is amazing. I can't imagine how traumatic it was for those on stage, the audience, and for the poor girl herself. 

3. I seriously don't understand why phone companies make you pay additional fees when your contract runs out and you choose to STAY WITH THEM and upgrade your phone. What the hell? Because I'm choosing to sign on for another fun-filled two years of dropped calls and poor customer service I get to pay an extra, one time fee of $37? I feel a strongly-worded letter coming on...

4. I read so much on vacation that my hand was sore at one point. Oh baby, make it hurt so good...

5. I cannot stop listening to this song:

6. Going to Islands of Adventure in Florida totally validates our decision to not take our future children to theme parks until they're at least 4, if not 5, years old (ie- no stroller, no mandatory naps, no bottles, no diapers, at least partial comprehension of threats). Those who say something along the lines of "it'll be different when you have kids" or express any sympathy for said future children will be smacked upside the head.

7. At one point on vacation my sister and I were reading the same book (The Silver Linings Playbook)- I'm not sure if this has ever, ever happened before. I also managed to convince her to read Where'd You Go, Bernadette and The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, both of which she enjoyed. Booyah! Sister knows best.

8. Between five days on the cruise and then another day out to sea for an event on my little brother's Navy ship (plus a slight head cold from recycled plane air), my equilibrium has gone to total shit. As I sit here I feel like I'm swaying. On the plus side, this makes it ten time easier for me to fall asleep at night- I wonder if I can convince my husband to rock me in a glider before bed once the swaying has ceased? My money's on fuck no. 

9. Later today I plan to do some serious catching up on the Egypt situation. I feel like everything escalated while I was out of the country and apparently today there was a coup. A coup, people! How very exciting. I feel so out of the loop. If you'd like to provide the Cliff's Notes version in the comments and spare me the trouble of shifting through propoganda I'd love you times a million.

10. I saw this on Pinterest and thought it was pretty gosh dang smart (until the thief says screw it and breaks a window):

[source unknown; if it's yours let me know]


  1. Happy 4th Christine!

  2. We took Ry to Dollywood for his 2nd birthday and that went fine because taking Ry places at that point was kind of like taking along a plant. You have to remember to water it and change its diaper (okay here's where the metaphor breaks down...) but other than that it's complacent and fairly quiet, though annoyingly too short to take on the big rollercoasters (again with the rickety metaphor...).

    Pippa on the other hand. Hell to the No. I am with you on that.

  3. I totally get what you mean about kids ages at theme parks. We didn't take our kids to Disney until our youngest was 5. Wait, was she 6? Whatever, I get ya :)

  4. Hope you have a wonderful Fourth of July Christine!

    Hehe, isn't it fantastic when you recommend a book to your sibling and he or she ends up loving it too! =D (did it with my brother for a couple of titles)

    #10 is very smart!