Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

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1. Last Saturday I saw a camel (in a field by the freeway) and an Oompa Loompa (in a parking lot) on the same day. Can it get any better than that? Should I try?


2. I think BBQ places should offer some sort of option to build your entree full of just sides. I still don't eat read meat and sometimes chicken is just so boring. But mac & cheese, mashed potatoes, steamed broccoli, and baked beans? Let's do it.

3. I bought tickets to see Helen Fielding talk to Princess Mother Effing Leia November 1st through Writer's Block. I pretty much hate chic lit, but I see Fielding as the mother of the modern genre, so I give her props. Plus I read the first Bridget Jones when I was in eleventh of twelfth grade, so I feel a definite nostalgic pull.

[Wear the buns! Source]
4. I think all employers should have suggestion boxes.

5. Why are we not hearing more about the boat that crashed outside of Lampedusa? Hundreds of people have died and those that were rescued are sitting in a facility meant to house half as many people as are there. Augh! If these were rich white people, rather than African refugees, we'd be freaking having telethons in support. Lampedusa in general is a place that warrants more attention.

6. John Boehner is such an asshole. Right now everyone in Washington are assholes, but he's King Asshole in my book.

 7. New guilty pleasure: Scandal. I'm working on this ridiculously time-consuming Christmas wreath and decided to give it a try last weekend and was slightly sucked in. We're also watching season two of Fringe, so I think the two balance each other out. 

8. I saw someone post on Twitter today that they saw on someone's email signature a "currently reading" line. How fantastic is that? I'm seriously tempted but am worried people will either be confused, or no one will ever notice and it'll be sort of lame (but do I care?).

9. My husband is obsessed with the new Grand Theft Auto and has had to train his fake dog Chop on a phone app (think Tamagotchi style). When he plays with it on the actual videogame Chomsky goes ape-shit. Whining, barking, running toward the screen. It's the most entertaining part of the game, in my opinion.

10. By the time this posts, the Nobel Prize Winner in Literature will have been announced. Very exciting. I'm hoping for Murakami. 


  1. I had not heard of the Lampedusa accident - frankly, I didn't even know of the island. Thanks for pointing it out. It's horrid, I have to read more about it.
    It's interesting that I've been craving Mac& Cheese all day and lookie here. More cravings.

  2. I haven't had Mac and Cheese in so long...could use some this week, lol

    lmao, #1 sounds awesome, I'd be thrilled if I came across both on the same day too xD

    I guess you've heard about Alice Munro winning the Nobel Prize in Literature by now. I feel like such a bad Canadian...another Canadian author I haven't read (yet) *blushes* Are there shortlists or anything of that sort floating around when it comes to Nobel Prizes in Lit? I remember briefly hearing that Munro was being tipped as a favourite and then there was Murakami and Yan's names floating around last year...Maybe next year will be Murakami's year, I think he has that new novel being translated right now :)

  3. I didn't even hear about the Lampedusa accident. Leave it to our news to cover the Kardashian divorces though. I hate the news. I'd rather Pinterest. Seems more legit.

  4. "But mac & cheese, mashed potatoes, steamed broccoli, and baked beans? Let's do it."

    CRAP that sounds delicious. John Boehner is TOTALLY an asshole. And I really like that "currently reading" line! It makes me want to start using a separate email for bookish/personal things, and another email for more professional things. Hmmmmm...

  5. 1. No. No.
    3. Jealous
    4. Mine did (but it was a farce)
    5. Don't even start me on boat people. Australia has new PM and he is pretending they don't exist. It makes me SICK. Where's the compassion? Who would risk their lives and their children's lives in a tiny boat on open seas if they weren't desperate? *okay, will stop or will never shut up*
    8. Do it.
    10. Alice Munro.

  6. I think twitter needs you to add a 'currently reading' signature. Or at least, I'd enjoy it.

  7. 2. Sides are amazing and underrated. It should definitely be more acceptable to make your entire meal out of them.

    7. How are you liking Fringe? I love Walter and Astrid's relationship. Also, doesn't Joshua Jackson look amazing in coats?

  8. What I wouldn't give for homemade macaroni and cheese right at this very moment. I don't think I've had red meat since 2006.

    Boehner. Indeed. Runner up: Stuart Varney? Too many possibilities to narrow it down.

    Re #8, do it. Those who get it will love it.

    So excited that Alice Munro won, if only because I finally read something by her a couple of weeks ago. I feel on top of things.