Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

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1. Last week while I was out at a training I gave my students a few articles on Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe after only skimming them. They've been horrible for the subs I've had lately and have proven to be currently unable to handle flexibility, so I had to leave something they needed to complete and turn in. Unfortunately, one of the articles completely spoiled the ending for the kids. Part of me was so irritated with their recent behavior that I didn't care, but after some distance I feel like shit. Sorry, guys.

2. Since I've had this week off for our February break, I've taken on a few sewing projects for the baby- 10 burp cloths and two receiving blankets. Terry cloth is a huge pain in the ass to sew, if anyone was curious.

3. I feel like it's my civic duty to push this potato soup recipe on everyone- it's delicious, easy (hash browns instead of peeling and chopping potatoes) and the leftovers are fantastic.

4. When trying to find an app for my whole "reading globally" log I came across some that let you track places on earth where you've shat or had sex. You know, in case anyone is interested. Hopefully there are very few places that overlap from those lists...

5. We saw the LEGO movie last Friday when it came out and it was super good- the adult humor was perfect in terms of politics and society. We went at 9:15, thinking that most people would be home with their kids, you know, putting them to bed at a normal kid-like hour. Nope. Luckily everyone was pretty well-behaved, minus the middle schoolers.

6. A few weeks ago my husband excitedly told me about two new Oreos flavors that were due to come out- Rice Krispy Treats and Cookie Dough (those might not be the technical names). I picked up a pack of each this week and must say those cookie dough ones are pretty damn awesome. They're limited edition, so now I feel compelled to start stocking up. 


7. I've been visiting daycares this week and must say that the process is pretty nerve-wracking. It's so awkward meeting someone for the first time in their home, putting them on the spot. But then I remind myself that this is where my kid is going to be potentially spending at least eight hours a day- it's their job to sell themselves and their business to me, the person that's going to be paying them hundreds of dollars a month. I have a few more to look at and then a decision to be made- I can't wait to sign a contract and be done.

8. Amazon came out with a list of 100 books to read- it's pretty mediocre. A list that tries to tell me that to be well-read I need to read Gone Girl and The Hunger Games loses my respect. Or does "well-read" mean that you just have to read, well, everything? Not that those books are the worst books in the world, they're just nowhere near my top 100.

9. My husband is a huge movie/tv-show lover and buys a of Blu-Rays. A lot of times I could live with Netflix, but the fact that he bought the whole season of Downton Abbey that's currently being aired in the US is pretty awesome. While all you suckers are still on like episode seven or whatever, we finished the season last night. I've heard complaints, but I thought these last nine episodes were pretty good. Fine, characters weren't killed off like they were in the past and Downtown seemed relatively financially stable, but the rape? The racial issues? Edith's "situation"? I loved it.

10. I made this:  


  1. Man, I've been hearing so much about those Oreos! I will definitely pick those up. Good luck with the daycare hunting. I hope you find a good one for Baby C!

  2. Oh you've been busy! Those cloths and blankets look super cute :D I can't sew in a straight line to save my life lol

    Amazon lists are always a little ridiculous, I think they go by what gets them the best sales really :/

  3. Man - I really want some of those Oreos. And be picky about your daycare! Trust your feelings if one of the places just doesn't feel right but you can't figure out why. It is a huge decision. Good luck.

  4. I didn't know about the new Oreo flavors! They may just be worthy of cheating on my Weight Watchers.

    Choosing a daycare is difficult. We put our son in the same daycare as our daughter when he was 6 weeks old. She was 4, and the care just differed so much with the different age groups. So I would think long term when you choose as well, are they just as great and will you be just as happy with them when your baby is a year old, 2 years old etc. Also babies are surprisingly great at adapting to different environments. So if you do feel like you made the wrong decision, you are paying and you should be happy, don't be afraid to change your mind.

  5. I saw that Amazon list too, and was equally unimpressed. It was more of a pop-culture list than an actually literary list of top books. Meh, I took it with a grain of salt anyway, considering the source.

    And good luck with the daycare situation! It's so hard. I hope you find a place that gives you everything you are looking for.

  6. Those oreos sound soooooo good! I want some... I NEED some! :)

  7. I feel like my husband would get a real kick out of the "where I had sex" app. We made sure to have a little bit of one-on-one fun when we were traveling in Europe last year almost entirely so we could look back and say things like, "we had sex in Austria! Hahaha!"

  8. Cookie dough oreo sounds very intriguing...I wonder if we have it up here...

    About #4, lol, they're just coming up with apps for anything these days, aren't they? xP

    I think I went through that Amazon list some time ago; seemed more like a popularity/mix of well-known titles than anything else.