Window Shopping

So yesterday I talked about money, and how I'm a definite saver fueled by fear. I'm pretty tight with the purse strings and I prefer to save or pay off loans than to spend. I put off purchases so long that I forget I wanted to make them. What can I say? But sometimes I do get the urge to spend- especially when I have a tiny bit left over from my half of the tax return! Luckily, some heavy window shopping tends to do the trick and tide me over (minus the allotment I spent on books, but that's another post). Some things I've been coveting and probably won't buy:

[$37 Silver Tree Earrings from The Zen Muse Shop on Etsy]
I have a things for trees- in nature, home decor, accessories, etc... In fact, this may also deserve it's own post as well, one of these days.

[$150 Textured Turquoise Blazer from Banana Republic]
The older I get the more likely I am to spend more on one piece of higher-quality than less on several lower-quality pieces (as long as they're classics and have longevity... and not maternity clothes- I go cheaper there). I love the color and fit of this blazer and appreciate that I could actually wear it right now.

[$54.95, Arlo Turquoise Pillow from Crate and Barrel]
These would look perfect on my couch- the knitting looks so comfy! I'd probably never pay that much, though, since we would actually use them. But still. So pretty. 

[$14.95 each, Myko Dinner Plates from Sur la Table]
I really don't need to dinnerware, but these definitely match the feel of my dining room. We're having a few couples over for dinner next month, which is something I wish I did more of, and I'd love to have a set of dishes strictly for "entertaining." 

[$129, Fitbit Force from Fitbit]
I wore my husband's Fitbit Flex for a few days recently and was hooked on the stats- steps, sleep, and active moments. The Force also gives you information regarding incline and serves as a watch. I'm not thrilled about the sporty look, especially when I'm dressing in slacks and whatnot for work, but all of those numbers are just so motivating.

[$32.89 from Amazon]
The baby's nursery has a Where the Wild Things Are Theme and this collection of Maurice Sendak work would be perfect placed up on a shelf... out of his reach.

What's on your wish list this month?


  1. I'm with you on getting quality pieces in my closet. I'm still having trouble spending on one though. Right now, I've been eyeing makeup and anything beauty related. I always end up putting it all back because I don't NEED any of it.

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