Diary of an Unmotivated Writer (Week 3)

[sub out "caffeinated" for "drunk"]

Time for a weekly check up! This week has been weird- we had Tuesday off for Veteran's Day, and then I was in meetings all day Thursday and Friday. Sawyer had a few incredibly rough nights at the beginning of the week, but seems to be thankfully back on track. That being said, I actually got done more than I thought I would this week.

One interesting thing that I noted this week while writing is that I write much better about bad/negative/depressing things than good/positive/happy things. The dialogue flows so much easier in those situations, as well. Honestly, I'm not surprised. When I daydream or worry it's always these elaborate scenes that involve worst-case scenarios. 

This week:

Week 3
Words: 24,308 (+680, +180 from goal)
Actions: 3 blog posts (1 scheduled), 680 words, 3 books read
Plan: 300 words (this week is crazy)


  1. Good luck with your writing over the next week! :) I also find writing things that are in a darker place are easier, weird how it works like that isn't it?

  2. On writing about negative things--I don't think it's just you. Especially in terms of pulling the narrative along, the unhappier, the better! Like Tolstoy said, "Happy families are all alike, every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way," and therefore, much more interesting.