November Reigns Supreme

[in Oak Glen apple picking a few years ago]

1. The month of my birth. Thank you, mom. You're welcome, world.
2. Thanksgiving
3. My juvenile obsession with stepping on crunchy leaves
4. Veteran's Day --> random Tuesday off
5. People get all warm and fuzzy about gratitude; yes, it should be done all year, but still, it's nice to pause and say thanks
6. Soup. Lots and lots of soup.
7. We gain an hour (at least it will be lighter when I drive in to work)
8. Hoodies galore
9. Cooler temperatures
10. Warmer beverages

[what is that? Fall colors in California?]
11. A week off for Thanksgiving.
12. The calm before the Christmas shopping storm
13. Tasteful decorations- Halloween and Christmas can be so gaudy
14. Apple cider
15. Boots. Sweaters. Shorts. Tank tops. SoCal November weather is crazy.
16. Evening walks
17. I can scorn anyone who dares to play Christmas music already
18. Donations to soup kitchens and food banks start to increase!
19. The need to use blankets while laying around the house
20. Pumpkin (but not of the Spiced Latte variety)

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