Diary of An Unmotivated Writer (Week 4)

Oops. I've got nothing.

I knew that it was going to be a busy week, and busy it was. A late day at work one day, the reading at UCR, a baby with a cold... I've got excuses, man. 

Oh, excuses. I'm notorious/revered (depends on whom you're talking to) for my lack of empathy towards excuses. So me clocking in at 0 words is pretty pathetic. But I'm not going to sit down and bust out a few hundred words of crap, just to save face. I'm just not. 

Which brings up an interesting question that I ponder often in the blogging world- why do people think posting crap is better than posting nothing at all? I much rather not waste my time clicking on a post to learn that it's heavily sponsored, recycled content, or, even worse, bland musings about doing nothing. Take a healthy-living blogger I read on occasion. She frequently does "day in the life" posts, yet they're all the same. She eats. Takes care of her baby. Works out. Answers email. Watches TV. And this is how she makes money! I just don't understand. 

Oh hey! I'm here to tell you I did nothing. Kettle? It's me, pot. I'm calling you black. 

This week:

Week 4
Words: 24,308 (0 words; -300 from goal)
Actions: 3 blog posts, 1 book read
Plan: 1,200 words (I'm off this week)


  1. Oooh I totally think I know which blog you are talking about and it blows my mind too! I'm not even sure why I continue to torture myself with reading her same old posts everyday.

  2. Why do bloggers write day in the life posts? They are by far the most boring posts. But, honestly, a lot of the "big" healthy living bloggers have become incredibly boring lately. Or maybe they always were boring, but I didn't realize it?