What the Hell?

There have been several "what the hell?" moments in my life lately, and I just need to get them out there. I'm not a complainer but have done my fair-share of listening to people bitch and moan over the years, so I'm just returning the favor to the universe here for a hot-second. I understand that it could be much worse, as I am not dying of cancer, walking uphill for water to carry back on my head, or a recovering homeless drug addict, but here I am running my mouth. Indulge me. 

1. There is a weird water running sort of noise that comes up in our home every so often (maybe once or twice a year?). It makes me super paranoid, as I imagine something crazy happening in our pipes that will result in massive amounts of repairs being required. I spent several minutes going over our past water bills and saw no increases during the times that I remember matching up with this noise before. I don't want to call a repair man, but if it goes on for more than like a week I may have to. 

2. I've been going to Starbucks a little more often that I should this summer, but I refuse to give up my Sunday morning coffee-run. I go alone, before I grocery shop, and it's become a nice ritual that lets me sit, uninterrupted. When school is in session this is even more sacred, as I need the short break even more, not to mention the caffeine (their coffee always seems to have more than what I brew at home). Anyway, my local Starbucks is closed for renovations... for the second Sunday in a row. It makes me very angry.

3. We're sort of on the cusp of toddler-eating pickiness- I can feel it. Sawyer used to eat any sort of chicken, but lately it has to be of the nugget variety. Anyway, I thought I did a good job making sure he's consuming enough healthy calories and that he's not eating junk food. Recently, someone made me feel really insecure about what I feed him and now I'm second-guessing it at every meal and when I'm buying him things at the store. And I typically couldn't care less about what this person says, which makes the whole thing even more aggravating.

4. It has been super humid and rainy for the last twenty-four hours here in Southern California- I don't remember the last time we had this sort of weather in July. It's great, because of the drought, but puzzling. And all the talk about El Nino? 

5. I have a horrible fear of earthquakes- I can face steep heights, hairy spiders, or freakish clowns, but even thinking quakes makes my anxiety heighten considerably. The other day our  annual homeowner's policy came in the mail, and, like every other year, the information about adding a supplemental earthquake policy came with it. I reviewed it and decided that an $80,000 deductible and and extra $1,000 annual premium was probably a poor financial move. And then an article came out in the New Yorker about some plate or fault or something in the Pacific that will basically demolish the West Coast WHEN it decides to shift. We're all going to die. I guess #1 on my list shouldn't matter, since my house is going to be reduced to rubble. 

6. Gas prices are absurd. Ridiculous. Infuriating. I just paid $4.39/gallon the other day. Apparently Southern California is being punished for some local refinery issues. And I have some driving to do the next few weeks. Also, an interesting, broad, observation: the more liberal the state, the higher the price at the pump (not 100% true, I know). I guess it's the price I pay to live with my people. 

7. In case you can't tell, I'm fiscally conservative when it comes to personal finance. Somehow, though, I got swooped up in the Nordstrom's Semi-Annual sale and bought a really expensive pair of boots that I've been eyeing for a logn time but had decided to hold off on, considering several unexpected expenses this summer. They're so expensive I'm not sure how I'll react the first time they get scuffed or it rains when I wear them. Is it weird to cry over boots? Nonetheless, where did this irresponsible spending come from? I was on the treadmill.... Sawyer was happily playing... Scott was at work... I had my Cheerios and coffee for breakfast... and then BAM! Into the cart, out comes the credit card. Yes, they were nearly half-priced, but still, so much. This is not like me. I am not a woman that spends money on footwear.  

8. Sawyer really enjoyed playing with the Thomas the Train Engine Track at Barnes and Noble, so I was thinking about buying him just a little train. The stupid little things are like ten bucks. I think not.

9. I feel like I've gotten absolutely nothing accomplished during summer break so far, and I only have three weeks left. That's probably the hardest of all of these to swallow. My husband suggested that I lower my expectations. I flipped him off. It's time to break out the big guns, I guess. That's right. A revised to-do list. 

10. I'm still stuck on my dental issues. I take such damn good care of my teeth and every time I eat something or bite down these two mother-effing temporary crowns remind me of the thousand dollar bill I have with the dentist and punishment for frequent brushing, flossing, and mouth-wash swishing. 

I feel much better, now. No joke.

Make me feel better. Any "what the hell?" moments for you lately? 


  1. I go back to school tomorrow, so I feel your pain on wanting to get more accomplished. Alas, for me that ship has sailed. Haha!

    I lived in California when I was in kindergarten and I very vividly remember earthquake drills and having my earthquake backpack with bottled water and Vienna sausages. I'm very happy to be currently living in a place with no earthquakes, hurricanes, or tornadoes!

  2. Don't let people get you down about Sawyer's diet. My daughter is the pickiest eater on the planet and has always been that way. I let her eat things that I normally wouldn't because she would live on cheese and bread. People need to shut their mouths sometimes.

    I grew up in Southern California and while earthquakes scare me, I'm more terrified of tornadoes now that I live in the Midwest.

  3. #7 you remind me of Monica in that one episode of friends.

    #10 That was me last year. Just be glad you don't have to pay an oral surgeon too.

  4. ans the worst of these is the closed Starbucks. Seriously, not sure what I would do if I went to Starbucks and found it closed. Although there are several more I could hop on the train and go to, it would throw me off my game for sure.

  5. If it makes you feel any better (and it should!), we've been paying that for gas in Alberta for a long time now and the oil is right here in our own province! BC is even worse - they are regularly around $1.30/Litre (approx $4.90/gallon).

    Toddler eating is such a pain - we go through days and weeks where he's super picky, and then some days where he'll eat anything. I let him eat stuff I said I would never let a kid eat. We find "dips" really work - just a teeny bit goes a long way, but if Sully gets to dip, or sees us dip his regular ol' chicken in a tiny bit of ketchup, he will gobble it up. Also, some of the best advice I ever read was, look at your toddler's eating in week long increments, not one day. Because some days they aren't going to be hungry, but if over the course of a week they eat well and get their nutrients in, you're doing ok.

    My WTH moment for you: The previous owners of our home left this hideous two-toned hexagon patterned mirror up in the front entrance. I made my husband and his dad remove it and turns out the previous owners had GLUED it to the wall and so it ripped off the paper layer of the drywall underneath. It's been days of sanding and mudding to fix it. So much dust. Infuriates me because the old owners should have removed it, but obviously didn't because they knew they were idiots for putting it up in the first place.

  6. Here's my WTH moment...a week ago Sunday, we went to Carmax and paid $200 to have THE PERFECT CAR (for us) transferred from NC to TN to buy it upon arrival. On Wednesday, I was called by Carmax to say that the car was sold to someone in NC. I may have said more than WTH when he called.