Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

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1. I'm not really a fan of Nicki Minaj, at all, but my kid is in love with the song "Hey Mama." We were at a store and he started busting a move, as he normally does, but then he heard it again and added some hand motions and tried to sing. So, I downloaded it and feel a little dirty about the whole thing.

2. I've determined that the most important question I ask myself every day as a temporary stay-at-home mom is "have you had enough caffeine, Christine?"

3. July is the month where I get it together; June was a month for decompressing and August will be about crying being in denial. One thing high on my list if doing letters of rec for my seniors, since it will help me out a ton come fall when they're all applying for ten million colleges and scholarships.

4. I currently have pretty much perfect dental hygiene (pats self on back) but when I went in today for a routine check up they found cavities under two of my crowns that have to be completely redone. Alas, the dentist said I've always had problems and always will due to genetics. So I can keep on brushing 2-3 times day, flossing nightly, and using fancy mouth wash and will still run the risk. Ridiculous (as is how much this will all cost). 

5. I've come to the conclusion that I probably shouldn't pay good money for massages anymore. I had one the other day when my mom and I went to the spa and my mind ran the entire time she was trying to push out the seven million knots that have taken residence in my shoulders. 

6. Every summer I tend to partake in a little book-buying-binge. So far, I had been pretty good, convincing myself I had plenty of books. And then yesterday happened and I ordered six books. That's what getting paid will do to you.

[one that I ordered]

7. I hate it when people pose their criticism in such a way that it's asked as a question. You know the person is trying to point out something they disagree with or something that they think you're doing wrong, and instead of having the balls to just call you out on it, they try to make it seem as if they're just curious. 

8. I started Donna Tartt's The Secret History the other day and am enjoying it so far, although I am getting curious as to the direction it's heading, if it is in fact going anywhere (it doesn't have to, for the record).

9. My husband bought this for my son and I think he's going to start talking like a Minion (although he sort of already does):

10. I'm not sure if this is old news, but I guess it looks like The Girl on the Train is going to be a movie, possibly starring Emily Blunt. I thought the book was a bit predictable, but I could see the potential for it being a decent movie. 


  1. Ooooh I LOVED The Martian! So much fun. I hope you like it. Also next week I'm going to try to link up too! I've said that to myself like five times, but hopefully this time I actually do it. Hahah.

  2. One of my friends used to play Rilo Kiley's "Portion for Foxes" for her son when he was around a year old. She figured that he was too young to understand the lyrics, and it seemed to always make him happy and that was most important :)

    I just got The Martian from the library. I've heard so many great things about it, and I really want to read it before seeing the movie, but now I'm worried it won't live up to my expectations.

  3. Yay for #6! I still need to pick up The Martian xD

    That is so cute that your husband got that Minion plushie for your son xD

  4. Ha! My kid's favourite song to jump to in the jolly jumper was The Thong Song and I'm not sure there's much worse than singing those lyrics out loud to your 6 month old!

  5. I liked The Martian, but some parts of it were a little repetitive. I liked all the science stuff. I can respect when a writer is smart! I'm still not sure how I feel about it being turned into a movie, though. Yes, it means more people will read the book, which is always good. But also, can't we ever just leave well enough alone? Does Hollywood have zero original ideas?

  6. I was very good about book buying the beginning of the year...and then totally went on a summer book buying binge yesterday -- there's just something about summer that makes me want to buy and read all the books. Hope you got some good ones!

  7. oooh I hope you like / liked The Martian! I loved it, though I listened to the audiobook which I think helped with the sciencey and math stuff, because I'm not great with that stuff. I agree about The Girl on the Train, though it would definitely make a good movie (hopefully).