Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

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1. So, last week my kid smacked his head pretty hard on the floor, and this week he managed to pop his elbow out of the socket and need it popped back in, along with precautionary x-rays. We have no clue how he did it, although I guess it's a common injury (the laymen's term is "Nursemaid's Elbow" and it can be reoccurring... great). Maybe when he figured out how to open doors and fell? When I was helping him walk up the stairs? When he was trying to sweep? We have no clue. All I know that is you haven't lived until you've had to hold down a hysterical toddler for arm X-rays. Luckily it seems like he's good-to-go today (thank goodness; he wasn't mending as quickly as the doctor wanted and he mentioned sending him to neuro... boo).

2. People rave about Liane Moriarty, but she seems like chic-lit to me. So, I've decided I'd be fair and give her a chance, since some people I respect dig her. I'm going to listen to one of her audiobooks, though, since I have an available credit on Audible. Recommendations?

3. I downloaded Mariah Carey's recent greatest hits album and it's pretty magnificent. Yes, I agree that she seems like a huge bitch, but man, "Dreamlover" just takes me baaaaaaaack. 

4. Do you remember the reading logs that teachers would ask of you back in elementary and junior high school? Don't get me started on how stupid they are (I never used them when I taught the younger kids- between the students and parents I'm pretty sure most were fabricated), but I've decided to keep one for myself for a week. I only have a few days left and then I'll share my super-interesting, scientific findings. No, my mom isn't going to sign off and apparently no one is going to let me pick something from the treasure chest if it's completed on time.

5. I'm slightly addicted to planks. It's my goal to be able to hold one for two minutes straight by the end of the summer and I'm currently up to a minute and twenty seconds. I have no clue what most people can do, but I've never been one to care much about upper body strength, so I'm pretty proud. I love that you can just bust one out pretty much anywhere, any time. 


6. Our July weather is Southern California has been crazy- I rarely have used the air conditioner and last weekend we got somewhere around two inches of rain, which is a lot for us. Obviously this is great because of the drought, but it's a little concerning because flooding in our county showed that we are not equipped for storms and meteorologists have been predicting a severe El Nino this fall. 

7. We went to the super tacky, overpriced, Rainforest Cafe last weekend at Downtown Disney (the area surrounding Disneyland, which is free) because we knew that Sawyer would love it and I've been trying to think of things we can do as a family that involve getting out of the damn house. It was pretty much the pinnacle of eating out for him- he saw moving animals, was allowed to color with crayons, and got his own order of food for once.

8. I'm getting my hair done Saturday and, without fail, I'm on Pinterest trying to find somehow to spice things up. I want to keep the length, so I feel limited (bangs are 100% not an option). And in terms of color, I want something different... but I don't. I just don't know.

9. There are two great things about surrendering the Tupperware cupboards to the kid: it keeps him busy FOREVER and I don't have to feel guilty about not attempting to keep them organized. There is absolutely no point.

10. I'm reading Still Alice and it's scaring the crap out of me. I'll write more later, but Alzheimer's/dementia is a current issue in our family and I'd really prefer not to lose my memory later in life, thanks. 


  1. Hahah I've always wanted to visit a Rainforest Cafe! I think the closest one to me is the one in DT Disney, except I live in the Bay Area T_T

  2. The Husband's Secret or Big Little Lies were both good. I felt the same way when I read them- chic lit- but not really. Under that bubbly exterior lies more. And Still Alice scared me to death. Every time I forget a word- which is becoming more often than I am comfortable with- I freak out.

    1. Yes to all this - was coming in here to mention The Husband's Secret and Big Little Lies, both of which I thought were entertaining, BUT definitely not literary fiction. It's not really chic lit... the plots are about more than just a young woman in a glamorous profession (i.e. publishing or fashion), often in NYC, who is independent but yet looking for a man. It's more than that. But her books ARE "light". And yes about Still Alice - terrifying but a really good book.

  3. Our skies have looked like that, too, here in Central California. We were stunned by the lightning, thunder, and rain...even though it was very warm outside.

  4. I was probably the only kid in my class who loved the reading log.

  5. Old school Mariah Carey....takes me back.

    Dementia and Alzheimer's terrify me. I was a nurses aid and caring for people afflicted with either was heartbreaking.

  6. Glad Sawyer is OK! Liane Moriarty does seem chick lit-y to me -- I'm curious to see which one you pick and how you like it as I haven't read anything by her yet either. And I kinda love that reading log...lately I've been feeling like even with the baby I have more time to read than I currently am, but I am not making the most of it -- maybe logging it would help me make better use of my time and help me stop wasting time on the internet? That might be a tall order!

  7. Those reading logs are a huge pain in the butt. My 6 year old has one that we have to break down 100 minutes of reading a week, which we easily spend reading with him or him reading to us. My problem is that his books are so short, they only take 10 minutes or 10 books a week (at least) times 10 weeks of summer...I'm just not writing all that down.

    Now Liane Moriarty...I have only read The Husband's Secret but it didn't feel too chick litish, and I heard that Big Little Lies is even less so. So I think you are safe reading either one of those. Her earlier ones, although I haven't read them, seem a bit fluffier though.

  8. Oh, I'd definitely say Liane Moriarty is border-line chick-lit, but she's a little bit more sophisticated chick-lit! I've only read What Alice Forgot and I loved it. I thought it was funny and witty (those Aussies!) but a little bit deeper than other chick-lit stories I've read.

    I loved Still Alice, but yes, sad and scary. I also really liked Left Neglected - a very fascinating story.

    And yes to surrendering the Tupperware drawer! Mine entertains Sully too and it's kind of freeing to now not worry or care about it being organized! I love just chucking Tupperware into now when I put it away, haha!

  9. i don't know if i could read still alice if it was relative to my family.. i loved it, but i have no firsthand experience with it, and it was still terrifying and heartbreaking.
    i have only read one liane moriarty book (the husband's secret) and i enjoyed it but i didn't fall off my chair from loving it so much. she's aussie, and i've heard that her audiobooks are read by an aussie or at least with an australian accent so i definitely want to listen to one next time. i loved all the australian-isms when i was reading the husband's secret.