Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

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This will be half election based, half rest-of-life based. If you don't want to read about my thoughts on what happened last night, skip down to number 6. 

1. I am so utterly disappointed with the election results; we have set feminism, racial equality, environmental protection, education, and everything else that matters  back decades. I am, though, happy that the people I consider dear to me are also progressive, socially-conscious people. I am thankful that I live in California, where we, for better or worse, live in this sort of liberal bubble that will hopefully protect its inhabitants a bit. A lot of important propositions passed in our state last night, which was one positive (like prop 55 for education).

2. The third-party voters anger me very much. 

3. I bought many, many book on diversity for Sawyer today so that I can at least sit down with him now and start teaching him about how to be good to others and how to respect all types of people. (Post to come!)

4. I talked to a colleague today for awhile about what the senate can do to help; basically, from what I understand, the democrats need to stick together and filibuster every little thing that they can in order to stall as much as possible. 

5. The electoral college is an archaic piece of junk. 

(election stuff over)

6. I have found the best pie crust ever. There's more sugar in it than other crusts I have used, but I think that's actually a really good thing. It's absolutely perfection. I made it to bake a salted caramel apple pie this weekend that's in the picture above (the filling is from my basic cooking Bible, Better Homes and Gardens, and the caramel is from Sally's Baking Blog). 

7. The other day I took a few of Sawyer's baby things (high chair, exersaucer a ton of clothes, etc...) over to our daycare lady's house so she could give to a family in desperate need. I was planning on getting rid of them anyway, but I had a moment of serious teary-eyed-ness there. I am growing more and more sure that I don't want to have a second child, but I almost felt that I was making the choice at that moment on Monday night, and I'm not ready to 100% do that yet. Alas, I am not a robot after all.

8. As if the new Gilmore Girls episodes weren't enough, I just found out that Lauren Graham has a new memoir coming out later this month. It sounds like a great audiobook option to me!

9. I wrote a post on Sunday that was about a sort of issue I've had with one of my own problematic personal flaws lately, but I didn't publish it because I knew that there would be a possibility that there might be people IRL possibly rooting for me to be unsuccessful and unhappy and I didn't want to give them ammo (although background checks are required now in CA... badadadum). I often regret not making this blog anonymous, but that ship has sailed! My point? I am disappointed in myself for caring what other people think and say. 

10. This weekend Scott and I are taking our crazy little child to see Thomas and Friends or whatever the hell it's called. We have to get up early. We have to be around other families with small children. We have to drive almost 45 minutes to get there. We have to ride on a train that goes nowhere in particular. We have to smile and be excited. OH MY GOD PARENTING IS SO HARD.


  1. Looking forward to your diverse books post!

  2. 1. Everyone in the whole world is with you (about feeling disappointed)
    3. Good move
    7. Big move...
    10. I did similar when my boys were little - they talked about it for months. Years even. One day I'll tell you about the competitive track-building my husband and I would engage in when Thomas & Friends ruled our lives.

  3. I hope this weekend isn't too torturous!

  4. I still can't believe how the popular vote can be ignored in favor of the stupid electoral college.

    Not happy about it...and the worst part....his supposedly "come together" speech afterwards. Is he kidding us? Like he believes any of that stuff he just said, after showing us for months what a tool he is?


    I am happy to live in California, too...someone mentioned seceding from the

  5. 1. Ditto to Kate's comment.

    6. That pie looks amazing! =D

    10. Mmmm...Have fun this weekend? :)

  6. I agree with all your comments re: the election, especially regarding third party voters. On a lighter note, that pie looks nothing short of utter magic! I'm looking forward to your post on diverse books, we need stuff like that more than ever now.

  7. I did the Thomas the Train with Ethan a handful of years ago's wasn't too awful but your description of the day was pretty accurate. Ha!! Have fun!!

  8. I'm so excited about Graham's new book. I wasn't very impressed with her books "Someday, Someday, Maybe", but this one looks more promising.

  9. #7 is hard. I waffled for years, got rid of everything, and six years down the road I decided "okay, I'd like a third" and I felt okay re-buying stuff. It's amazing how fast that shit changes/gets better.

    You don't know until you know - and then you do (very profound, I know).

    On the scale of life skills, I am a master Thomas the Train track builder. That is all.