Lemme Tell You a Story

I have always been opposed to Snapchat- I don't need to see what everyone is doing all day, I don't need to align my face just right so I look like a dog/deer/koala, I don't need to pretend to wear flowers in my hair, and the whole thing seemed confusing (I can message certain people? I can block people? Things disappear? What's a story?). So, I resisted. I am happy with that decision to this day. I am too old for... snapping. 

But, then my beloved Instagram came out with their Stories option (aka "Snapchat Lite") and I jumped on that train. It's fun! It's easy! I can handle it!

I take an excessive amount of pictures. Maybe it's the old yearbook teacher in my or it's because I am the daughter of a mother who had albums upon albums devoted to our families. I like to remember things. I like to look back and see what life was like at certain points. Pictures let me do that. I also have this sort of running monologue in my head of snarky comments, over-exaggerations, and short-lived excitements. Posting on Stories lets me share the more normal pictures and the thoughts (and emojis I'd never use in real life). I wish more people would stop lurking and post their own, since they're as fun to look at as make, but I'm sure it will catch on eventually (or die out, since we are a fickle people). 

The bottom line is that it's super silly, unnecessary, and fun. I'm sure some people use it for other reasons, but to me it's just a vehicle for comic relief. Just like this post. Nice and fluffy. 

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