Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

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1. The UCLA Women and Men made it to the Sweet 16! Go Bruins! 

2. Mac is coming to Ulta- like I need to spend more money on makeup.

3. I was supposed to have an MRI of my hip last Saturday, which I scheduled nervously since I am quite claustrophobic. I woke up early that morning and said "nope, not gonna happen" and didn't go. I need to reschedule for the open MRI machine, but I know they are pretty backed up. This sort of refusal from me is really irregular, as I am typically one of those annoying rule-following, get-the-job done asap, kind of people. But apparently Saturday morning I knew my own limitations and decided to be a rebel (and to make the matter worse I couldn't reach anyone in the office so I was a no-show- THE HORROR). 

4. I am obsessed with checking the weather for Yosemite and Fish Camp, where we are staying, now that our departure day has entered the ten-day-forecast. I can deal with rain (just ordered Sawyer same rain boots, haha), but snow not so much. 

5. You can customize Sperrys. How long will I be able to resist?

6. As soon as the Democrats control the Senate, or better, someone has got to make Elizabeth Warren take a vacation. Or a nap. That woman is relentless and I love it. 

7. This Lemon Almond Pudding Cake looks absolutely amazing, but I'm not sure if anyone in my house will help me eat it. 

8. I finished the cross stitching project I have been working on for the last few months and am really pleased with how it turned out (pictured above). 


  1. Oh, I had a hard time dealing with my MRI, many years ago...they gave me a Valium to

    I can't wait until the Democrats control the Senate...OR until someone makes a mistake that leads to his ousting. We can always hope, right?

  2. Great job on the cross stitch! I used to do it a bit, but it was not great on my eyes, so I stopped. lol I figure reading and computers are enough eye damage. lol