March, Plus February, Revisited

Good god, this month went by quickly! For those who are new, I touch bases at the end of the month to see if I met my monthly goals and set a few for the next month. Here's how I did:

1. Be 10k Ready: Honestly, I don't know. I ran a lot more than normal this month, but towards the middle of February I had some back and hip pain (still have the hip issue...) so I had to scale back a little. Tuesay I did 2.5 miles, yesterday 4, tomorrow 2.5, and then Sunday I am supposed to run a 10k in Redlands. EVERY SINGLE morning when I wake up I decide to scale back to the 5k (or not go at all) but then by the end of the day I come back around. We'll see. Is my sleepy self onto something or is just a lazy SOB?

2. Friendly Thoughtfulness: Yes! Sawyer decorated six Valentine's Day cards for friends and family members, I sent a package to a friend who just had a baby, and today I FINALLY went to the post office to send off another package to a fellow blogger, who had her baby like five years ago (okay, not quite). I loved getting Sawyer involved and I foresee some Easter cards in the near future.

3. 50 blog comments: No. I definitely made an effort to comment more, but I probably did maybe half of what I intended. This will be back on my list for March. I am determined!

4. Catch up on grading: Yup! My grading calendar continues to hold me responsible and keep me a tiny bit more sane. 

5. Picture-related tasks: Yes! I finally uploaded my pictures from my phone to my laptop and ordered some prints for frames around the house.

Now, for March... 

1. Finish book club in a timely manner: I always finish the morning of and while I do like the book fresh in my head, I am aiming for maybe a WHOLE day in advance this time so I can let things sort of percolate. 

2. Blogging comments take 2: 50 comments in one month. I need to keep track to make it happen, I think.

3. Adulting Nonsense: I need some maintenance on my car done, to send in student loan forgiveness (not all of it.... I wish) paperwork, and go to the doctor for my hip.

4. Look into... learning: I feel a little intellectually stunted lately. I need to look into Skillshare, watch some more documentaries, buy a textbook, something. 

5. Strength training: Basically I just want to work out my arms a tiny bit once in awhile so they don't look flabby when the weather is warm and I wear tank tops.   


  1. Good luck with your goals for March!

  2. We absolutely love our Valentine's Day card! It was a surprise because we never get those! Thank you. My goal is to upload my pictures. You really inspired me to make that yearbook!

  3. I find it so challenging to keep up with blog commenting on top of actually writing my own posts! And then of course, I also want to time to read actual books.