Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

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1. I have thoughts about International Women's Day and all that accompanies it, but I feel like articulating them would take pages and pages. Basically, I think the idea is good in spirit, but the problem is that so many of these "_______ Days" are just token gestures that really don't accomplish much. People wear red and post a few things on social media, but then what? And the strike is complicated because it really is just for people who can afford to miss work and don't have to worry about losing their jobs. And so on and so forth. We just need to work harder, collectively, and we need to remember that there are women in places that have it far worse than us who we need to help.

2. Scott and I played Pandemic for the first time over the weekend and it was pretty fun. I thought I wasn't going to like playing cooperatively, but I survived. It does have a lot of pieces and procedures, but I think after a few times playing it'll be a breeze.

3. We also bought Candyland for Sawyer and played two games of it with him. He's a little young, but it was fun and good for him to wait his turn and practice his colors.

4. I just started Ann Patchett's This is the Story of a Happy Marriage and I am so inspired by this collection of essays already. 

5. Last night I was on the verge of losing it due to lots of little things and then a big thing that ended up fine (after a visit to the children's dentist... sigh). I was at the grocery story buying Sawyer Motrin and just, well, on the verge of losing it, and a friend texted me ON CUE "Hey, how's your week?" The timing was like from a movie or something. We chatted, made plans for the weekend, and I felt so much better (also because of the Reese's Peanut Butter Egg I bought, if we're being honest).

6. Friday- Sunday should be a welcome distraction and source of relief (knock on all the wood). Friday I have to take the day off for a doctor's appointment and I am going to get a few things done for myself since Sawyer will be at daycare for most of the day still. Saturday we are going to the Huntington Library near Pasadena, Sunday I am seeing a friend, and then I am FINALLY having a massage. And it's going to be in the mid-80s (shorts weather... gulp...). This week has definitely called for a good weekend.

7. I bought an oil diffuser, finally. I don't really believe in the healing aspects, but I want something more natural to make my house smell lovely and whatnot. If anyone does know a magical combination for "makes everyone in the house sleep for ten hours straight without making a peep" I'll take it.


  1. I had an oil diffuser for years - can't offer a magic formula except to say avoid things that are too sweet smelling - it quickly becomes sickening when it fills a room. I always went for things on the citrus end of the spectrum (and Australian natives like Lemon Myrtle and various eucalypts).

  2. Sounds like you have a great weekend ahead. I am sure you could definitely use some of that me time and massage. Enjoy!

  3. Oh, a massage is the greatest! I don't know why I waited so long.

    I've been eyeing that Ann Patchett book.

    I've done my share of protests and strikes, but mostly back in the 60s and 70s, and I was a college student then.

    The oil diffuser sounds lovely.

  4. Ha - I'm not sure I believe in the healing aspects of my diffuser either, but I love it nonetheless. I used to diffuse "sleepy time" mixes in it in Sully's room when he was a lot younger...not sure if I can say that they helped, but it smelt good and it definitely didn't hurt!

    I've also been trying to get Sully to plan games, but he's so "Mr Independent" that he will not let me even begin to show him how to actually play something. He only wants to do it the way he thinks it's done. SIGH!!!

  5. My husband keeps trying to get me to play Pandemic and I have zero interest... I've been using a lavender oil spray I made on my pillow at night. I'm not sure if it's actually doing anything, but it smells good!

  6. I keep telling myself that I need to go back and post a Bookish and Not So Bookish post and then I forget. Next week, I promise.

  7. I really need to read more Ann Pratchett, I've only to date? This is the Story of a Happy Marriage sounds interesting though *adds to her wishlist*

  8. I was thinking similar thoughts on Women's Day. I actually made a video about it and accidentally lost some of the footage so decided not to post since it was basically a rant about the strike not representing international women, etc. Let's just do what we can to be the best women we can be and work to lead others by our example.