The Huntington Library- Pictures

Yesterday Sawyer and I went to The Huntington Library, which is also home to several art galleries and acres and acres of botanical gardens. Since it was such a beautiful day out and there was nothing on display that I was dying to see and hadn't before, we stuck to the grounds (they do have a Gutenberg Bible and some Canterbury Tales work that I have seen before and is worth the time). Here in Southern California we have moved from a rainy, cold (for us) winter to 80+ degree spring in a matter of about a week, so everything was in bloom, including the cherry blossoms. We walked over 9,000 steps and Sawyer was so tired that he crashed before we made it out of the parking lot (he also had the best night of sleep in weeks). The pictures don't do the place justice: 

It's definitely worth the drive to San Marino (near Pasadena) if you live in the area. Adults are $25, but kids 4 and under are free! 

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