Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

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1. Next time I write one of these I will be back at work, getting ready for students to start back the day after. I am of course very sad about going back, and am singing the normal woeful "how did it go by so fast" song, but I feel better about the return than last year. I have really done some thinking about the year and will put up a post on how I plan to navigate and manage soon. 

2. On Monday I took Sawyer for his first full day of preschool (it went well! He's doing it again today and tomorrow, so fingers crossed for more of the same), and it was bizarre to have so much time. In the past I have taken him to daycare for mornings, so to have 8-2:30 was strange. I went to the park alone to walk for a bit and then got a pedicure for the first time in months. I met my husband back at home and we went to lunch together, which was perfect timing since he started a new job yesterday. It was different, but we nice.

3. Speaking of my munchkin, I broke out the sewing machine the other day after a three-year hiatus to sew Sawyer a red cape after reading a book with one. Someday I will how to do more than just go forwards and backwards. 

4. I have looked a lot at my finances (we keep a household account, but then each have our own checking and savings accounts) this summer and have come up with three reasonable (unless something goes wrong) financial goals for the next five years: pay off my student loans, have $xx,xxxx in savings, and take an awesome vacation. 

5. I have finished most of my summer reading for work, including four Shakespearean plays. I reread Hamlet, Julius Caesar, Othello, and The Tempest, and I've had enough. I have to give Macbeth a fourth read here in a few weeks, but after that, no more. NO MORE SHAKESPEARE.

6. We let out dogs in the pool for the first time this summer, which they of course loved. They would go everyday if we let them, but they take FOREVER to dry (I have a lab and golden) and their hair isn't good for the pool filter. Out golden, Cordie, is getting older, though, and we sometimes get worried she doesn't have tons of time left. There's nothing in particular wrong, but at twelve she's just starting to show her age. She struggles to get up sometimes, she's going deaf, and she just seems a bit more tired than usual. So, just in case she (*sob*) doesn't make it to next summer, she at least got to get in this year. 

7. I registered to run a 10k in October and I'm starting to think I may run a half marathon in February (Surf City in Huntington, for local folks). I may have already drawn up a running schedule for the next six months. 


  1. When you talk about preschool, I am wafted back to my eldest son's first days in a cooperative preschool. The mothers took turns working at the school, and also did carpool another day.

    The little preschool was a cute house atop a hill in the suburbs outside of Sacramento.

    It was a very easy way to have my first one attend preschool. With the other kids, I was a working mom, so they had a different experience.

    As a result, they were seemingly tossed into the melee...LOL. But they handled it well.