Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

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1. My schedule is quite a bit different this year- I am arriving home at a different time almost every day and it's taking some time to acclimate to. The beginning of the school year is always crazy, but between this, driving further to drop off and pick up Sawyer, and poor sleep, I'm just totally beat. I've also been "training for training" this month, running wise, which I know adds to my tiredness. My husband started a new job recently and has been putting in long hours, so that also contributes to the different feel of the last week. Nonetheless, I know within a few weeks we will all settle in to our new routines and it will be fine. But getting there? So much internal whining (and a little external, as we now see). 

2. This seems like a good time to articulate my annual birthday wish: a hotel room for JUST ME and a little something to help me sleep (I generally refuse to take anything, even melatonin, but my sleep cycle and schedule is shot to heck... Eventually when Sawyer is a little more reliable I'll probably have to talk to my doctor). That's all. Nothing ridiculously fancy. Just maybe fourteen hours alone, ten of which I can sleep. 

3. I had a nightmare the other day that a bottle of lotion exploded in my closet and got all over my dresses (I have a sort of dress... collection, let's just say). It was traumatizing.

4. I wish (sort of) that someone would make an app that would calculate how much I spend on Diet Coke. Maybe that would help me sleep. Just maybe. 

5. I finished Any Rand's Anthem, my first of her books, and I was pretty underwhelmed. 

6. My lunches this week have been a disaster: PB&J, Spaghetti O's, and frozen pizza rolls. Seriously, how old am I? Eight? 

7. My husband recently informed me that I can pre-order things on Amazon and not be charged, which was probably a huge mistake. For some reason I thought they billed you right away, but nope. I think I have at least one new book coming a month until the end of the year. Ha. 

8. I know that this isn't my job and that people aren't exactly checking daily for posts, but please know that I am well aware content and depth are lacking lately. The last two weeks have been so crazy and I need to be better about scheduling posts. So, for those of you that stick around, thanks! 


  1. I have the same birthday/ Mother's Day gift wish. Hotel room = comfy bed to myself and a TV that will not have Disney Channel playing.

    Your lunches sound both tragic and delicious. Who knew that Eight year olds, college boys, and mothers eat the same thing? We should poll the elderly to see if they, too eat this crap.

  2. Every time you mention your diet coke habit, I am ever so grateful I quit soda.

  3. Amazon preorders: It's so they don't have to issue refunds if it comes out cheaper later on, lol.

    Exploding lotion. D:

    Spaghetti'Os with meatballs and pizza rolls are my guilty pleasure food. ^^; (I actually LOVE Ravioli'Os, but when Spaghetti'Os was taken over by Campbell's for some reason they got rid of them. Which sucks, because those were the best. Chey Boyardee's sauce tastes weird.)

    I need to quit soda, I've been stressed and thus upped my intake (unintentionally). It's so expensive... and I drink generic most of the time.

  4. I used to love SpaghettiOs as a kid, but recently my husband and I both tastes them and thought they were horrible....maybe Campbell's taking them over is the explanation, but I can't stomach them now and used to really really love them!

    The sleep battle seems like an epidemic - I don't know many people not suffering from this - myself included. :(

    Oh I like your bday idea - i'm going to need to remember that for next year. Wednesday is my bday and I am going to a class to learn how to make macaron cookies...pretty excited about that. :)

  5. Having a hotel room alone, with long naps and room service sounds good. Hey, I get to do that any time I want these days. Empty nest, retirement.


    I remember loving Spaghetti-Os when my kids were little...also the mac 'n'cheese from a box. Yikes!

  6. Don't worry about the frequency, we all have Feedly! :-)

  7. I would WEEP if lotion exploded all over my dresses. And having read most of her work (I got stuck 3/4 of the way through Atlas Shrugged and never finished), I actually think the only one that's legitimately good is We The Living. Fountainhead is meh and Atlas Shrugged is intolerable

  8. I admit having my daughter at home for lunches this summer has meant a lot of mac and cheese from a box, even though she's 17. I do love it and I really love being able to come home on my lunch hour and eating with her.
    I totally get the dream of a full night's peaceful sleep.

  9. Oh my gosh! You genuinely have your hands totally full, so be kind to yourself. That hotel room + sleep aid sounds magical. Maybe I'll make that my bday wish in November.

  10. I entered my link info without publishing my post first, which is a sign of exactly how my life is going at the moment. I will hopefully correct that before too long.