A Picture an Hour

I've seen other bloggers do "a picture an hour" posts before and I thought it would be a good way to commemorate a fairly-typical summer day this year (and easier than the "day in the life" posts that require so much note-taking). These sorts of posts are typically done for more selfish reasons, so I can look back later and see what a typical day with a three-year-old during my summer break was like. This was from a few days ago that was pretty typical (minus the crazy, for us, weather, which prevented afternoon pool time) for us- nothing monumental, but still good:

[6am-7am: opening the windows
before it's too hot and gross]

[7am-8am: a quick run]

[8am-9am:  finally my breakfast, easily one
of my top five cereals]

[9am-10am: last gymnastics class for Sawyer]

[10am-11am: some chores for us both]

[11am-12pm: Cheesecake Factory
for lunch with Sawyer and a friend/
previous student]

[12pm-1pm: Putting Sawyer down
for a nap]

[1pm-2pm: getting up a blog

[2pm-3pm: we made "sand castles" for
his stuffed animals]

[3pm-4pm: storm watching]

[4pm-5pm: my hair stylist lives
a few minutes away so she stopped
by to give me a trim]

[5pm-6pm: a few minutes to read while
Sawyer occupied himself]

[6pm-7pm: homemade mac and cheese
went down]

[7pm-8pm: bedtime stories]

[8pm-9pm: cross stitched while we
watched an episode of Fargo]

[9pm-10pm: running schedule for the
next six months]
[this is me, setting my alarm for
the next day, being optimistic
about even sleeping in that
long (I was woken up at 5:50...


  1. That is a cool idea! I would screw up those day in the life posts for sure with all the notes and such.

  2. Very cool post. great to look back on years later. :)