What Happened by Hillary Rodham Clinton- My Favorite Quotes

It took me a few weeks, but I have finally finished What Happened by Hillary Rodham Clinton. I was a little concerned about it being too dry and possibly a bit boring, but I actually found it full of personality, quite interesting, and accessible. There are some sections that I found to be a little too "politician kissing babies," if you know what I mean, but as a whole it was nice to see her on a different level (albeit still polished, so the guard was definitely still up). Nothing incredibly revolutionary was confessed or revealed, either, but I didn't have high hopes to be stunned. Instead, it's a reflective, fairly humble piece on Clinton's time on the campaign, the election, and the aftermath. Here are some of my favorite quotes:

"I prayed for help to put the sadness and disappointment of my defeat behind me... so that the rest of my life wouldn't be spent like Miss Havisham from Charles Dickens' Great Expectations..." (32). 

"To me, it means not just being grateful for the good things, because that's easy, but also to be grateful for the hard things to" (34).

"We know now that I lost that bet-- not because a Republican came along and made a more credibly counteroffer to middle-class voters but because Donald Trump did something else: appeal to the ugliest impulses of our national character" (81).

"This has to be said: sexism and misogyny played a role in the 2016 presidential election" (114).

"If we're tough, we're unlikable. If we're soft, we're not cut out of the big leagues. If we work too hard, we're neglecting our families. It we put family first, we're not serious about the work" (119).

"We did not win, but we made the sight of a woman nominee more familiar" (145).

"They also faced different, deeper fears that I never had to think about. My daughter and grandchildren are white. They won't know what it's like to be watched with suspicion... People won't lock their car doors when they walk by" (176). 

"I am more convinced than ever that driving progress in a big, raucous democracy like ours requires a mix of principles and pragmatism- plus a whole lot of persistence" (196).

"Joe Biden says, 'Don't tell me what you value. Show me your budget, and I'll tell you what you value'" (224).

"One of the most important but least recognized facts in American politics is that Republicans tend to win in places where more people are pessimistic or uncertain about the future, while Democrats tend to win where people are more optimistic" (278).

"Trump doesn't think in terms of morality or human rights, he thinks only in terms of power and dominance" (334).

"...one reason the Russian misinformation campaign was successful was that our country's natural defenses had been worn down over several years by powerful interests that sought to make it harder for Americans to distinguish between truth and lies" (365).

"Even if Comey caused just 0.6 percent of Election Day voters to change their votes, and even if that swing only occurred in the Rust Belt, it would have been enough to shift the Electoral College from me to Trump" (406).

"I was the first Democrat since FDR to win Orange County, California," (424).

"'What do we do now?' I said. There was only one answer: 'Keep going'" (464).  

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