Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts


Kristen Bell posted a picture today on Instagram (above) about how you can "be excited about Beyonce" and "be horrified about current events", so that's the approach I'm taking today. I'm going to write about my equivalent of Beyonce, which is books and other fluff, but I'm also going to get political (and human).

1. It is not illegal to seek asylum. 

2. If you are "pro life" and say that "all lives matter" how can you not be outraged that these poor kids are being torn away from their parents? Their lives matter. 

3. You can bet you ass that if I felt that my child was endangered where I lived I would hightail it the eff out of there to somewhere that I felt my family had hope, safety, and a chance. Let's say the US all of the sudden went to total crap, we had no free public education, I made only a few bucks a week, health care was hard to find, our water was sometimes contaminated, and I worried that my family might get shot in our neighborhood. And then, LOW AND BEHOLD, I hear about this amazing country to the north, in our case Canada, where we could have a chance? Bags would be packed and northern movements would begin. I wouldn't care about politics and laws- I would want my son to HAVE A CHANCE, since chances were only given to the super wealthy in my country of origin. 

4. There is immigration reform, and there is cruelty. This is cruelty. What sort of denial are people living in when they think these families are going to be easily reunited some day? These kids MAY NEVER SEE THEIR PARENTS AGAIN! That blood is on America's hands. Disgusting. 

5. Upward mobility isn't necessarily a thing in certain Latin American countries in  the way we see it here. People can't just hop on LinkedIn and find well-paying jobs to apply to or simply "go back to school" to earn a better degree. We have it so, so, so good here. We need to use our outrage and take action- vote, call, donate, just DO. 

5a. I'm just adding this in, since I saw Trump signed an executive order to stop families being separated, but seriously, one family is too many. One child, too many. One day was too many. He is not a hero, he is not a good person, he is a monster, as are the rest of those involved (here's looking at you Kristjen). 

Now, Beyonce.

6. I have basically completely stopped accepting ARCs in the past few years, but I went ahead and accepted Rebecca Makkai's The Great Believers- I probably would have bought it anyway!

6. I am currently reading Marisha Pessl's YA novel, Neverworld Wake, because I love her, and... I just don't like it. I'm so, so, so sorry Marisha! I feel like I'm a horrible person for saying this, but I will probably really struggle to finish. In her defense, though, I am not a YA reader or fan, so maybe it really is good, for YA? 

7. We watched Love, Simon last night and I thought it was great. There were some issues that I did see, like extreme white privilege in terms of the main character, a slightly annoying soundtrack at times, and unrealistic teenage dialogue, but overall I appreciated the message and thought it was pretty funny at some points (if you have seen it, the Freudian Slip costume cracked me up).

8. My mom is here! We're leaving for lunch soon before I grab Sawyer from preschool, and then tomorrow we're heading to the beach with my brother. Friday Scott and I are going to a late dinner at a new Cuban restaurant in Irvine while she babysits, and then Saturday we are all going to the Skirball Center in LA to see the Muppets Exhibit. Fun stuff.

9. Monday, when Sawyer was at preschool again (2-3 times a week, I promise I'm not taking him everyday), I did a five-mile hike on my own and it was such a treat. 


  1. How freaky that I included in my Bookish thoughts post my trip to hear Mari Andrew speak and you kicked off your post with one of her illustrations? She's got lots of wise words (and drawings).

    Re: Trump... can't believe he's still there. When's the next election?

  2. I agree with your thoughts on the current travesty regarding immigration...and the children torn away from their parents and placed in what could be likened to "internment camps."

    How far down must events go before something changes? That last-minute Executive Order was too little too late, IMO.


  3. I have been so outraged and disgusted with what has been going on in the states, I just couldn't bring myself to write about it. I think it would have ended up being 3000 words, I completely agree with you that Trump signing that executive order does not make him a good person, it just means that the outcry outweighed the support from those who follow him.

    I tried to keep mine light so here's mine - My Bookish Thoughts

    1. So true! He was just trying to "still" the loud voices.

  4. I've wanted to see Love, Simon! I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it.

    I just had a long conversation with some work colleagues (I'm American, living in the UK) this morning about Trump and what's happening in America. It's horrific.

    My Bookish (and not so bookish) Thoughts:

  5. What even is happening to our world? I just can't believe that our countries (US & Philippines) have the presidents we have now. Ugh, I'm sorry for ranting here in the comments section. But anyway, I love your idea of Beyonce/Politics for this week!

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  7. Usually when I search through these blogs I just skim over them, but yours caught my eye and I was impressed. I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you thanks for it.