Women's March Los Angeles

Yesterday my friend and I went to the Women's March in LA, just as we did last year. The weather was spectacular after nearly a week of rain, the signs were genius, and the overall message was essential. 

I appreciated the emphasis on intersectionality this year, as that is what third-wave feminism is all about. There were a lot of groups there to spread that message, which is incredibly important in this day and age. There are so many levels to feminism- race, sexuality, class differences, etc... that have to be recognized. We live in a complicated society and we have to move past the simple definition of the movement. There were also plenty of men present, which of course is awesome. 

There were definitely less people, due to the whole ideological split that happened with the march movement (it's a long, complicated story.... Google it...), the poor weather during the week beforehand, the complications of the teacher's strike (I completely support them! I stand with UTLA!), and just the sort of lack of momentum that's caused from the exhaustion that is the Trump administration. There were still thousands and thousands of women there, don't get me wrong. It just wasn't as insanely packed as last year (and the year before, from what I have heard). 


I definitely plan on attending every year that there is one- it's important.  

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