Writing Update (3)

The last time I wrote about my own personal writing-novel endeavors was back in November, and I was well aware that my efforts would undoubtedly stall during the holidays. And while they did, I did make some important decisions about what I was working on.

The biggest development was that I decided to pretty much scrap what I had been previously working on and go with another idea. I don’t want to go too much in detail here/yet, but my new plan centers around a school, taking advantage of the microcosmic qualities that campuses possess in terms of staff and students. The storyline that I had been working with before just felt too forced and I was having difficulties with the timelines matching up and what writing in the near future would mean. I may return to the idea someday, but for now it’s definitely on the back burner.


My biggest issue right now is determining an actual plot… I have an idea of what I want the narrative structure to be like, who the characters are, and thematic implications, though. And while I am a huge proponent of character-driven stories, I do need something to propel the story forward.

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