Kamala Harris at the Wilshire Ebell Theatre

Yesterday afternoon a few friends and I drove to LA to listen to Senator Kamala Harris promote her new book, The Truth's We Hold, at the Wilshire Ebell Theatre. Given that she's reportedly planning to announce her run for presidency next week, the outing seemed timely and important. The crowd was disproportionately female and the energy was high- these were our people, for sure.

Senator Harris didn't disappoint, discussing her upbringing, her roles as a district attorney and attorney general in California, her views on bipartisanship, her hope for the country, and what motivated her to write this book. She was incredibly well-spoken, appropriately candid, warm, funny, and impressively intelligent. I appreciated her metaphor of a house for the country, that our foundation is still intact, despite the fact that we've been through a "natural disaster" and the roof might be a bit damaged. I left inspired, hopeful for the next election, and relieved that there are still politicians that can create positive change. 

This isn't to say that she's perfect. I know that more and more is coming out about her track record with prosecuting certain crimes and the incarceration rate when she was in charge. These things are important and I plan to do more research on whatever democratic candidates end up running. I think my biggest struggle right now is that anyone with experience and similar views as me is instantly deemed "better than who we have right now!" While this is true, it's important to remember to not get attached to anyone at this stage in the game... it's going to be a long twenty-two months. 

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