Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts + I Opened an Etsy Shop

[is that not the laziest screenshot ever?]

1. The most important news of today- I finally opened my embroidery Etsy shop! My shop, DailyFlossEmbroidery, can be found here. I am definitely working to get a handle on the Etsy platform and don't really have a super high expectations of like quitting my day job, but it's still fun. 

2. My friend and I went to Vroman's bookstore in Pasadena yesterday and we spent nearly two hours browsing the fiction section and taking pictures of books we want to add to our wish lists. It was awesome. I walked away with only one book, Sally Rooney's first, so I was pretty impressed with myself. 

3. Today I took Sawyer to the beach and he finally really and truly played in the water. He's usually super, super afraid and grips my hand like a vice when we walk near it, but today he was a totally different kid. He was "falling" into waves, running, splashing, the whole deal. A few times he almost made me nervous, since he doesn't know how to swim (sigh), but I was mostly just super happy that he was brave.

4. Almost two weeks ago we went to see The Lion King and I cracked my tooth on the Wheat Thin that I brought to be healthy (and swallowed the piece that broke off, temporarily worrying myself that I had somehow perforated my digestive tract with the SHARD... I did not). I thought it was a crown, but when I went to the dentist it was actually a real tooth with a filling... and now it will be a crown. I have to get the permanent one tomorrow, so at least the ordeal will be nearly over. 

5. I want to go to Lake Powell. I had no idea it was so lovely.

6. I finally started watching Handmaid's Tale again, after stopping halfway through the second season. I totally like the show, but it's just so heavy that you have to be in the right mood for it. It's like you either have to be in a good headspace so that you'll bounce right back, or just in a really bad one so it doesn't matter. 

7. I cannot believe that my summer break is over in four days. I look at things I did at the beginning, like go to Vegas and Zion and it seems like ages ago, but it also seems like I just walked out of my classroom a few days ago. I'm not heartbroken about going back- I really love my students (I have the same group of kids from last year, but now they'll be seniors), some of my most favorite friends are my colleagues, and routine is good for me. BUT I DON'T WANT TO GET UP EARLY AND HAVE TO LEAVE MY HOME. Seriously. 

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  1. I love Vroman's! The last time I was there was before cell phones so that gives you an idea...

    Thanks for reminding me. I have an episode of Handmaids I need to watch.