Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

1. Since we've last talked there have been not one, but TWO, earthquakes. I have an intense fear of them (lack of control, blablabla), which I know is unfortunate given that I live in Southern California. The first one hit while I was at the park with Sawyer and the second, much stronger, one hit the next evening while we are at home. There was no damage whatsoever done to my home- we are about 115 miles away from where the epicenter was, but I haven't felt one in many years so I was not happy. To put this in perspective, there were some really bad wildfires five miles away from my house last year and I all I did to prepare was close the windows and turn on the AC.

2. My goal was to start my Etsy shop when I had ten embroidery pieces ready to sell- I just finished number 8, so I'm maybe a week away! I honestly don't have any real expectations about the whole thing, but it's something I've been thinking about doing for like six months and am just going to pull the plug. I'm nervous about pricing, as I don't want to sell things for too much, but I also put a lot of work into what I've created as well (hahaha, I sound like such an asshole). If you want to follow along check out my insta account @daily_floss_ . My most recent hoop is the tree one above! 

3. I started Three Women by Lisa Taddeo, the much-buzzed about book of the sumner, and it's absolutely fascinating. I'll write a longer post on it when I am done, probably, but I think that a lot can be said about it in terms of content, as well as this sort of booming "literary nonfiction" genre. 

4. I hate it when you don't need validation for something, and aren't trying to get any, and someone who you don't want any from whatsoever so magnanimously gives you some. Like they pity you and are throwing you a bone? But in reality you don't care what they think and the whole encounter just makes your skin crawl? UGH.

5. My husband introduced me to Fleabag and I'm liking it, now that we've watched three or so episodes. 

6. I've started reading a separate book when I'm doing incline walking on the treadmill and it's definitely increased my pages. It has to be paperback and nothing too dense- like David Sedaris. 

7. I forgot that I should have been working on letters of rec for my students- I think I have like 50 or 60 to do. I'm slightly over halfway through my summer, so I should probably get on that.

8. I've been thinking a lot about travel lately, and who at this moment in time I'd actively pursue trips with (things that are more than two nights and over 200 miles away). Sawyer, because I have to, my friend Nani because we have SO much fun together, my friends Val and Yurii because they're so chill, my brother because he is up for anything, my friend Joanna because we never run out of things to talk about, and my mom because I can always be honest and she'd never be offended if I was like "I need an hour to myself, yo." (My husband doesn't travel, so he's not a part of this). I'm not planning a trip, but while I was walking today I thought a lot about how my travel style and habits have changed so much from when I was younger.

9. Today I took Sawyer to preschool for the first time in almost a week and drove to the beach to spend several hours alone there. I read a hundred pages, walked for forty-five minutes, and drank a milkshake. It was perfect. 


  1. I felt those earthquakes up in Central California...and I kept expecting more! I hate them, too, but I would hate the wildfires even more.

    Enjoy your week...I want to check out that book, Three Women.