Bookish (and not so Bookish) Thoughts

[my view, running through Hogwarts]

I am the Little Engine that Could chuffing up that POS mountain, almost on Thanksgiving Break.

I made this bagel egg dish last night for dinner and it was SO good, even as leftovers (not to mention a breeze to make). I live for brinner, but if you are not, it would make an excellent brunch dish. 

Sawyer and I got up bright and early (me: 3:55, him 4:15) last Saturday to drive to Universal Studios for a 1k. I admittedly had some regrets as I was setting my alarm the night before, but it was SO much fun. I have never been to the one here in California, and while we didn't do the park afterwards, the area outside it is super awesome. I finally got to try Voodoo Donuts and he was such a champ running the race. We have a Santa 1 Miler at UC Irvine in a few weeks and we're both looking forward to that one now. 

Speaking of running, I'm in week two of half marathon training and, to be honest, I am tired. My foot is behaving, though, and I think that basically never walking around barefoot has been a game changer, since I this aggravates my perfectly flat arches, which in turn inflames by wonky ankle (I basically live in Toms slippers at home now and am considering investing in a pair for work, when the kids aren't in my classroom... or hell, even when they are). But between work, home, and not getting extra rest, the more disciplined runs are tiring. I'm not working out anymore than I was before, but I'm running more. 

My birthday is in a few days, and, honestly, as long as nothing bad happens it will be better than last year, when my dog suddenly died at 6 am and then I turned around and hosted Thanksgiving dinner for like eleven people ten hours later (the only concession I allowed myself? Stopping at the store to buy rolls instead of making the ones from scratch like I had planned). My best birthday ever was probably when I turned seventeen and a group of my friends threw a surprise lunch for me. Another contender was when I turned 30 and two of my students found out and snuck into my classroom at like 6 am and decorated it for me. Otherwise, meh. I tend to be the planner in basically all of my relationships, so... yeah.... Whelp, this has taken a turn, hahaha. ANYWAY. Birthdays. Big whoop. 

Sawyer's school is doing a big Thanksgiving feast for parents tomorrow and I think they're dressing up like Native Americans, and calling themselves Indians. I am pretty surprised (and disappointed), since his school is pretty progressive and has a really diverse teaching staff. I guess I'll be talking to my five-year-old about cultural appropriation on the ride home tomorrow. 

Here's the thing about the impeachment hearings: they don't really matter, in the scheme of things. Do I want him out? Of course. Do I think he's horrible? Duh. Do I think he's unfit for the office? Yup. But this country is so divided, with the politicians leading the way, that there is no way they're going to get the necessary votes to push this through. If they do, some hope for what is good and right will be restored, but let's be real, folks. 

Sawyer is obsessed with the human body right now, since they're learning about it in school, so I introduced The Magic School Bus series to him and it's basically love at first sight.

I watched Peanut Butter Falcon last weekend with Scott and it was so good. And only like ninety minutes, so totally within my attention span limitations. 


  1. My train obsessed 3.8 year old boy loves The Little Engine That Could. He is a big train fanatic. I hope that rest of your week goes well. Here is mine practice post.

  2. Your activities sound like fun. Hope you have a great birthday...and I, too, have stopped going barefoot in favor of new slippers from Amazon.