Five Things About... One More Thing and Stories and Other Stories by BJ Novak

These are perfect for when you are super busy and can only read in small snippets. While there are a few longer stories, most are between 1-3 pages, and none require excessive brainpower (not that they’re fluff).

There was one story in particular that I earmarked to use with my students- a personification of the stock market. Novak’s comparison between the high and lows of a person versus Dow was perfect!

There were some issues in terms of consistent quality. In a way, though, thinking of how comedians write jokes, it sort of fit. Some of them hit… and some of them don’t. There were some that made me roll my eyes or just sort of inwardly groan, much how one does at an improv when a bit falls flat. 

If you are easily offended this may not be for you. They aren’t too obscene or vulgar, but there are a few stories that are ironically crass that might not be for everyone. 

There are reading group questions at the ends of some of the stories and the book as a whole that are pretty amusing (especially ad an English teacher who is always making up questions).

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