Summer Breaks (Get) To-Dos

I love a good summer to-do list! I tried to stick to ten things I GET to do and ten things I HAVE/NEED to do:

The fun stuff:
1.  Three nights in Modesto for my sister's wedding- Sawyer is in it, all my siblings will be there, it's Graffiti Weekend (a local thing), and the wedding itself is at a lavender farm. It should be great!
2. Today we are taking Sawyer to his first reading- Dan Santat in Pasadena. He just finished up his graphic novel, so he is super excited to meet the author/illustrator. It's at my favorite socal bookstore, Vroomans, so it will be a great excuse to spend some money time there, too. 
3. Lots of beach days! At least three solid says throughout the next two months, I insist.
4. A science museum in Orange County has a cool new space exhibit I know Sawyer will love
5. Tetons and Yellowstone trip
6. Hiking Half Dome with my dear friend- Yosemite twice in one year!
7. A quick trip to San Luis Obispo to meet up with my brother and his wife so that we can meet his baby, finally
8. Hollywood Bowl tickets for the three of us
9. Sawyer's art camp- that will be five afternoons that I get to drop him off and have a few hours to myself 
10. Friend time, with and without kids
11. Bonus: park reading dates with Sawyer, hiking at new and old spots, and reading at least 12 books 

The stuff that has been put off and needs to get done:
1. Fix some shutters
2. Buy seven million bags of dirt and level out the flower beds (yes, I could pay the landscaper to do it, but this is in my wheelhouse of tasks I am capable of doing)
3. Steam clean the carpets
4. *Possibly* redo Sawyer's room 
5. Catch up on my year-in-review book
6. Help Sawyer review math, practice his handwriting, and obtain some life skills that he should probably already has but does not
7. Finding a babysitter (I have a lot of contenders, but I need to find someone I trust with my kid, house, and dog. I also want someone who is fully vaxxed and boosted, and isn't out on the weekends at crowded bars... so, yeah, a chore that I need to do because my husband and I have some events to go to without Sawyer)
8. Buy Sawyer a bigger bike and teach him to ride it- this has never been a priority for any of us, but I feel like it's something all kids should know how to do, so I guess this is it (at least he can swim?)
9. Plan the first week or two of school so I don't have to think about it when I go back and am trying to wrap my head around... being back
10. I've done a lot of organizing and cleaning so far this year, but I need to finish up the garage, a few things in the backyard, etc... 

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