Mid-Year 2022 Goals Check In

I've made prioritizing my 2022 goals a serious thing- I have a chart for each month printed out on a clipboard in my office that I update and I am trying to do a few of these posts too. Here where I am not that we are half way (!) through this year:

Read 75 books- right now I am ahead of schedule 

Average one non-stretching yoga workout a week- I am behind here, mostly because I am prioritizing prepping for Half Dome next month. Obviously yoga would help that too, but I always find myself jacking up the incline on the treadmill. Hopefully I can get back on track so my average hits my goal

Either do a DIY home project or pay someone to do something- Yup! Since March we've had a ceiling leak fixed, rooms painted, sprinklers fixed, security cameras installed, door locks replaced, and I have started adding soil to flower beds 

Pay off car- yup, a few months ago!

Hike once a month- above and beyond

Donate each month to a cause- I have monthly contributions set up for Planned Parenthood and Doctor's Without Borders

Stay on top of book reviews, posts, etc...- Barely, but not horrible (I have like 8 books I need to catch up on right now)

Organize something each month- yup! 

Send a card via snail mail each month- good here too

120 Forest App Hours per month- Yes, but no margin for error.  

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